Wolf visits training camp

Former GM says safety Nick Collins has been impressive

When Ron Wolf speaks, people listen. Ted Thompson values Wolf's input so much that he invited him to training camp to observe the Packers this week.

Though Wolf has been away from football for more than four years, his opinion is still speaks volumes. The former Packers GM and architect of the organization's Super Bowl teams in the mid-1990s is like the Alan Greenspan of football. Most everyone hangs on to every word he says.

So, it was interesting and a relief for Packers fans when Wolf named rookie Nick Collins as a player that has stood out in the practices he was watched this week. Thompson and the Packers were blasted by many experts this spring after they selected Collins with the first of two second-round draft picks.

Collins has worked his way into the starting lineup at safety over the past week. He has given the team enough of a comfort level that they released veteran Arturo Freeman on Sunday. Freeman was predicted by many to start this season next to Mark Roman.

What does Wolf like about Collins? "Just how he carries himself and how he plays," Wolf said. "He's all over the field. He's not afraid. He's very aware. He carries himself like a pro." Wolf also touched on a number of other topics while answering questions from the media today. Here are some of his responses:

On how much pressure is on Ted Thompson to win this year:
"Anytime you come to a situation where you have a team that's 10-6 and has been as successful as this team has been, there's a lot of pressure to win. He's going to have that pressure. There's no way to avoid that. That being said, there's no more exciting thing than to have an opportunity to come to a place like Green Bay, Wisconsin in the National Football League and experience that. Experience the thrill of being a member of the Packers organization. There's absolutely no experience like that in the league."

On if he is surprised that Mike Sherman has not been offered a contract extension, despite his winning record:
"I'm not surprised because the situation would be that both those people – Mike and Ted – have to feel comfortable with one another. When they get comfortable, I assume that will be resolved, one way or the other."

On if there is anything different about talent pool in the draft now compared to when he was the GM:
"You better pick somebody who can play for ya after number 1. You've got to fill your needs. I think that's a big difference today in football than when I got out five years ago."

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