Sydney Speaks! What we know about the Packers

Earlier this week I wrote about all the unknown questions that surround the Green Bay Packers. Now, let's discuss what we really know about the Packers – from the top to the bottom!

The front office
In the local paper there was an article about the potential moves that the GM would make. One thing he said was that if B.J. Sander wasn't the punter they wouldn't keep him on the roster because they hurt themselves last year because of it. Director of Pro Personnel Reggie McKenzie also said it was a bonehead move to keep two punters because it took from another position. He said it in a nice way. Based on this I would say that there are other moves that will come into question as the 2005 season comes into play, and the bullets are real in a few weeks.

We know Brett Favre has come into camp in awesome shape and in the first preseason game looked in Pro Bowl form. We also know by his own words it's not his job to coach his replacement which I agree with. We also know that, according to Aaron Rodgers, Brett and him have a good working relationship. We also know that so many people have made so much about it, which is ridiculous.

Brett is a competitor and to think that he is going to hand over the keys to the house he helped build with his sweat, blood and tears, I don't think so.

We know Ahman is one of the best backs in the NFL and needs to have a great year to warrant the contract he will want at the end of the year but we also know he has a bad habit of putting the ball on the ground at what seems the worst times.

We know or at least I know that William Henderson is the best fullback in the NFL and Luchey hasn't shown anything that makes me believe that he can or should beat out Vonta Leach.

The other thing I know is that Najeh Davenport is not a starting running back in the NFL. I think Walt Williams might be a better all-around back than Davenport. Just because Davenport lost weight this off-season doesn't make him stay any healthier. What good is a backup if you can't count on him?

What we know about the receivers is that they are very good, maybe the best tandem in the game. Donald Driver and Javon Walker simply make plays and have made Brett look better that he might have been in the last several years. Brett puts the ball up and they go get it. Robert Ferguson we know has a lot of potential, but hasn't proven anything in the years except he's a pretty good special teams player. And after him we really don't know about anyone else because what they did in college means nothing now that they are in the NFL.

Regarding the O-Line, we know Mark Tauscher, Chad Clifton and Mike Flanagan can play, and we can only hope everyone else can.

This what we know on offense!

We know that on the D-Line Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila's claim to fame is a passer-rusher only and that is what he is. He wants to be an every-down player, but he can't handle it. Trust me it isn't about the lack of effort because he tries his best, but it's like an 18-wheeler running into a motorcycle. The truck is going to win when it comes to contact, and most of the time you can't avoid the contact.

We also know Aaron Kampman brings it every play, but what he brings isn't enough. I like him because he hustles. Unfortunately because he plays next to Cletidus Hunt we think he's better than he is. Speaking of Cletidus, we know that even when he has a great game by his standards it's a joke, and he's laughing all the way to the bank. We also know that regardless of how Grady Jackson looks when he's on the field he's the best player on the D-Line.

What we also know for sure is that no one knows what any one else will do which makes us all keep searching for that needle in a haystack. The Packers are hoping R-Kal Truluck, Colin Cole, Donnell Washington, Kenny Peterson, James Lee, Corey Williams or Cullen Jenkins will seize the moment. We know everyone is hoping one of these guys gets it.

As for the linebackers, we know Nick Barnett can run from side to side, but can he take on the guards as they get in his face? Anything else about any other linebacker we don't know.

And about the secondary we know that all Al Harris is a legit shut down corner. We know to this point that Joey Thomas can't stay healthy, and Ahmad Carroll will start by default despite that he has a holding problem. We know that Nick Collins has all kinds of speed as well as Mike Hawkins and Marviel Underwood. Again that's all we know.

Special teams
We know Ryan Longwell is one of the most reliable kickers in the game. If it comes down to him kicking a game-winning field goal for the Packers to win, consider it done. He's Mr. Dependable. We really know nothing about what Sander will do under real bullet fire.

We know Antonio Chatman will catch a punt be we also know there's not much he will do after that.

These are the things we know for sure. If you have any questions about my comments I will be happy to answer them in a question and answer section!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney's is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at

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