Nall gains edge over Rodgers

The headline in the local Green Bay newspaper on the morning of Green Bay's preseason game against Buffalo read: "Rodgers deserves No. 2 spot." Not so fast. Though Craig Nall wasn't spectacular against the Bills Saturday, he performed better than Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay's heir apparent to Brett Favre.

At this point in the preseason, the Packers coaching staff has to be more confident with Nall as the backup to Favre than Rodgers, the team's No. 1 draft pick in April.

Nall hasn't looked all that great in practices, but he has experience from last season, which weights heavily in his favor to win the postion. Though he didn't shine against Buffalo, he didn't exactly have a bunch of stars in front of him.

On Nall's first series, he had to call a timeout because the offense was not properly lined up. The Packers were forced to punt later in the series when reserve receiver Andrae Thurman dropped what would have been a catch for a first down. On Nall's next series in the third quarter, he moved the Packers to the Bills' 40. But on fourth-and-6, reserve receiver Chad Lucas dropped a pass that would have given the Packers a first down.

Nall played the remainder of the second half in Green Bay's 27-7 loss to the Bills. He didn't have hardly any time to pass the ball and often had to throw it away under pressure from the blitzing Bills defense. Nall was sacked three times in the final three series.

Nall didn't have a great outing, but much better than Rodgers who completed 4 of 9 passes for 21 yards and an interception. Nall finished 5 of 13 for 39 yards and no interceptions.

Rodgers will get more opportunities to show that he can be Favre's backup, but Nall simply is better at this point. Here's hoping that Favre, who has been sharp as a tack in practice and again in his only series against the Bills, stays healthy throughout the season.

Todd Korth

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