Sydney Speaks! The good, bad and ugly

Green Bay played its second preseason game Saturday against Buffalo, but what did we really expect? Did we really expect things to be that different? Even though it is preseason, it's the same song and dance. It's like a broken record skipping over and over again. For those that remember what records and albums looked like, here's the first song!

The good
Brett Favre looks great and is in mid-season form. He is showing what being in tip-top shape can do for his mobility avoiding the pass rush and finding Ahman Green for a 12-yard TD pass to cap off the opening drive. His command of the flow of the game at this particular time in the season is remarkable. Also you can see his love for the game as he celebrates after a touchdown catch that doesn't even matter in the big scheme of things.

Also another "good" was the way the linebackers flew to the ball. They played downhill and played very physical an aggressively. This group of backers Nick Barnett, Paris Lenon, Ray Thompson and Roy Manning played a very good game, especially Manning. I believe he has earned a starting job in Hannibal Navies' spot.

Also, an excellent job by punter B.J. Sander. I gave him a bunch of crap for what he did last year and how he stole money and put someone else out of football because he was on the roster. But this year he has earned his keep ... up until now. There are two more games to go but he seems to be going in the right direction.

Another good was that the starting offense executed the first drive like a well-oiled machine picking apart last year's fourth ranked defense. That's a good sign because the Packers have struggled with their opening drives in the past. Whether it's Mike Sherman's play-calling or not, only time will tell. The good is that he's no longer a lame duck coach with it being reported thathe will sign a two-year contract extension very soon.

Also another good thing happened in the game and that was that R-Kal Truluck acted like he found out how to pass rush again. But it was against the Bills' third and fourth team offensive lines. But any pass rush that this defensive line gives is a bonus!

The bad
There is still no consistent pass rush on this football team. No one is stepping up to the plate. I will never question anyone's heart because I know they have heart, or they wouldn't have gotten this far in their career. But what the heck is going on? No one wants to make money or start in the NFL? Jim Bates is giving everyone a chance to fulfill their dreams and no one is seizing the moment.

Grady Jackson has finally passed his physical and just beginning to practice this week. Cletidus Hunt is acting like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz and looking for some courage. None of the young guns seem to want to play for the Packers, except maybe Michael Montgomery or Colin Cole and Cullen Jenkins.

Also bad but not ugly was Aaron Rodgers performance. Yes he looked bad but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because of the different linemen being shuffled in which might have contributed to it looking like he was lost. He looked to be over striding on his throws. That's a sure sign of a quarterback who doesn't have command of the offense. When his main receiver is taken away or when he scrambles and can't find his second target then panics and runs, such as we saw against the Bills.

Another bad is when the punter leads the special teams in tackling and the field goal kicker is tied for second. OUCH!

The special teams was awful. It was the worst I've seen by the Packers in years and that's saying a lot because these units have sucked for a long time. I can't understand it because this is how I made it into the NFL. For the non-starter, these teams are the way to get the coaches' attention. All you have to do is bust your butt and make plays. It's about DESIRE.

What we saw against the Bills was a joke, but no one's laughing. The Packers have more coaches helping the special teams than most teams, but maybe that's a bad thing because sometimes you can have too many cooks in the kitchen, if you know what I mean.

Another ugly is that no one is standing out on the defensive line. Donnell Washington, Corey Williams, Kenny Peterson, James Lee all have had every opportunity but they are looking like Tarzan and playing like Jane.

And what is Joey Thomas doing? You can't make the club in the tub!

There is no consistent pass rush, so it doesn't matter who is in the secondary. But at least whoever is out there on third and 8, don't give the guy you are covering a 12-yard cushion.

Also maybe there might be a time when the defense really works on tackling because it really is a part of defense. HOW UGLY WAS THAT!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney's is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at

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