Daley: Patriots on the verge

Packers are the last team to win three straight NFL titles

The New England Patriots visited Green Bay's Lambeau Field the other night, and let's hope they don't catch the Packers' three-straight fever.

Since the Pats won the last two Super Bowls (also known as the NFL championship), they have a chance to go for a third in a row and tie the Packers.

Green Bay is the only team in the NFL to win three straight titles, and they did it twice - 1929-30-31 and 1965-66-67, including the first two Super Bowls.

After Green Bay's last triple, five teams have gone for three straight Super Bowl wins - Miami Dolphins in 1973-74; Pittsburgh Steelers twice in 1975-76 and 1978-79; San Francisco 49ers 1988-89; Dallas Cowboys 1993-94; and Denver Broncos 1998-99.

The quarterbacks of four of those five teams, plus the Packers, are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio - Bart Starr of Green Bay, Dan Marino of Miami, Terry Bradshaw of Pittsburgh, Joe Montana of San Francisco, and John Elway of Denver. Troy Aikman of Dallas will probably make the Hall.

Before the Packers made their second three-straight, five teams made a bid for three in a row - the Chicago Bears 1940-41; Philadelphia Eagles 1948-49; Detroit Lions 1952-53; Cleveland Browns 1954-55; and Baltimore Colts 1958-59.

Four of the quarterbacks are in the Hall of Fame - Sid Luckman of the Bears, Bobby Layne of the Lions, Otto Graham of the Browns, and Johnny Unitas of the Colts. Tommy Thompson of the Eagles didn't make the Hall.

It's been 38 years since any team made it "three straight." Let's make it another 38, except for the Packers.

Art Daley

Editor's Note: Packer Hall of Famer Art Daley is a featured columnist for Packer Report and PackerReport.com. The former Green Bay Press-Gazette sportswriter and sports editor has covered the team since 1941.

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