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Here are a few letters received by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Previous mistakes leading to long season
Why would Favre stay around for an organization that seems to be hellbent on destroying the team?

Who thought a combo GM/Head Coach was a good idea and watched while the team went down hill?

When all teams are looking for tall WR's, why is the coach drafting a midget CB who can't keep his hands off the WR's - and throwing away a 1st round pick to do it? Didn't they learn anything with another 1st round midget CB with a large mouth -- and leaving Troy Vincent on the board?

Then there was a 3rd round punter that sat on the bench all year. He would have been available in the 7th round or later!

And now the crowning blow - a 2-year extension before the season begins. Wouldn't thinking mgmt. have wanted to see some improvement during the season before committing?

Third place in the division is a strong possibility . A 7-9 or 6-10 record isn't going to do any better. It's going to be a long season!
Jack Bowles, Bloomington, IL

Appreciate the good years
Just read the letters from the fans (Sept. 2, PackerReport.com). Figures a guy from the Chicago area would claim Favre to be overrated. Well we know how badly the Cubs EERRRRRRR Bears need a QB, so maybe he's hoping we'll cut Brett so they have a chance at a livable season. I really would have liked to see Rex play a whole season down there and see if they could give us some serious games in the future.

Someone should tell Mark to never type after drinking. Then he would realize that the baby who we sent to the Saints was a CB. As for Luis Mora asking if we should have kept Sharper, my feeling is as long as he could ball hawk or blitz (showboat) he played at a high level. On the other hand when you look back at some of our games last year where the defense played poorly the leader of that performance was no other than arm-tackling, shoulder-throwing Darren. I'm not sure how the team will do this year. Being here in Iraq, I haven't seen but one pre-season game. By what I have read we have a ton of things that need to be fixed.

I grew up watching the woeful Pack and have really learned to enjoy these winning seasons and warn those who wish to have Sherman fired or to keep poor players that 4-12 seasons are no fun to endure. If that's what you want, go watch Detroit or Tampa or one of those other mismanaged teams. From IRAQ GO PACK GO!
Steven Slagoski, Navy Chief , Jacksonville FL

Questionable move
Jim Bates comes to the Packers from a team that was 4-12. Should 4-12 be seen as a red flag?
Jacques, Indiana Packers fan (Gameday@wmconnect.com)

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