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Fans vent about Packers over loss to Lions

Penalties hurt
From what I read PENALTIES KILLED the Packers and sacks! 1 fact remains 70% of the Teams who were suppose to win LOST! And another Fact! Brett did well I think 27 of 44 for 201 Yards 61.4% 2 INT Both Defense and Offences need a Major Practice. If I still Played I would have gotten chewed out for DAYS on end! I'm so Sorry to hear about Walker being out for the year! He is a Value to the Packers! BUT! you MUST move on and Win the next one! I saw the tapes here all of it bad of course! Coverage was pitiful on CB to WR you don't do that! Attack them with in that 5 yard area and your ok Never stay 10 yards behind them! and let them run by you! Remember good old Fritz? What would he do? The Defenses needs to go back to that! On Offence a few Play Action Fakes along with the POWER SWEEP 2 Min. Drill Can be done anytime doing a game, but scatter it up And Last but Not Least! The Old Hard Voice Double hut! Hand offs are to slow! The Ball is exposed for to long of a time!

In closing I still think the Packers will be Fine! Just WAY to many Stupid Mistakes.if they can correct them they will be fine by good old fashion Hard Work! Pass this on to who ever you must!!!!!!!! Maybe I'm just Old Fashion! But remember the old saying "If it's not broke Don't fix it!

Undisciplined Packers,
Well, I could not tell the difference between this game and the pre-season games except in the standings. It looked just like the other four; offense can't score, and way to many penalties on both sides of the ball.

It seemed like every time Detroit threw the ball we had a penalty. I cannot believe this team is so undisciplined as they were. Have the coaches not been able to get through to these guys, especially Ahmad Carroll? He seems to be starting off where he left off last year (the most penalized corner in the league).

Even two of the worst teams in the league (New Orleans and San Francisco) were able to put points on the board and even WIN.

It's going to be a long, cold season if this first game is any indication of the things to come. I was really hoping to see Brett Favre set the record for career wins next year. Unless this team turns things around now, I doubt Brett will be around next year to even try to break the record.

Packer history could be repeating itself and heading back to the 70's and 80's.

Still love 'em though and always will. Right now just hurting in San Diego.
Maury Finsterwald,

Sherman's Follies
Take two aspirins and call me in the morning!

Lord knows we will need them to help us through Sunday's chapter of Sherman's Follies. OK, I know it's Week 1, but let's trace back some steps after the loss to MN in last year's playoff game.

I will start by reminding you that is was Sherman's 2nd playoff loss in the hallowed halls of Lambeau Field. On to the stage comes Ted Thompson from Seattle where I think he was the VP of Player Personnel. That's fine, but what had he done that made Seattle so great that he deserved a promotion to EVP/General Manager? OK, I'll save that question for Mr. Harlan. Secondly after the season ended it appeared as though the assistant coaches were leaving the team, like rats leave a burning building! The press didn't pick up on that, but such actions would lead me to believe there are Troubled Times in Titletown. I'll fast forward through a less then good off-season and pre-season and before the final pre-season game, the unthinkable happens! In order to show the "appreciation" of the fans, the City of Green Bay and the Franchise, Mr. Thompson rewards Sherman with a 2 yr extension. He deserved it so we were told!

Well, that brings us to week #1. I am going to start by saying, hats off to Coach Bates. What a GREAT performance by the "D"! Thanks Coach for getting it done!

OK, on to the offense I have never seen such a lack of discipline (penalties) and poor play calling in all my life!!! I pulled the game stats this morning from the GBP website. Green Bay had 44 passing plays and 17 running plays. Sherman obviously doesn't think the running game is important in the NFL. Why would he abandon the run game so quickly when #30 was averaging 4.8 yards/carry? Secondly we know what the team's record is when the game plan lacks balance between the run and the pass. Making Brett pass 44 times, and committing over 100 yards in penalties, spells disaster! I wish Ted Thompson and Bob Harlan would share with the fans what they see in this guy Sherman. Maybe it's just me, but the team doesn't appear to be interested in the game and they seem to lack motivation. I said it last year but Sherman does not seem able to game prepare this team!

Oh well. Mike enjoy the new contract, Ted enjoy playing General Manager. I'm sure the two of you will get it figured out.
Michael Fosso,

Thomas for Carroll … NOW!,
100 yards in penalties? Completely disgusting, and unacceptable! Ahmad Carroll needs to be demoted, as he cannot establish any sort of SELF-CONTROL, and he's hurting our team. This was his problem last season as well.

The coaches are not doing their jobs correctly if that many penalties are committed in ONE game. DISCIPLINE needs to be put into place! Just imagine how much better the game would have been had we not been backed up again and again and again. Perhaps we would have won, or at the least scored a touchdown?

As far as the offense goes, it doesn't appear that they are even on the same page. They acted like they didn't care and just went through the motions. Everyone wants to be able to count on Brett, but if THE OFFENSE DOESN'T PROTECT HIM, he cannot do his job! Allowing him to be sacked twice in a row is unacceptable!! Brett works too hard to be unprotected like that. Unacceptable in every sense of the word is what this is!

I for one am none too happy to be putting money in the pot by making thousands of dollars of purchases on Packers items and tickets to games every year just to be slapped in the face. We the fans are the reason the players and coaches have these awesome jobs in the first place! They are professionals and they need to OPERATE THAT WAY!

If the Packers don't get it together AS A TEAM, they are in for a short season! There is no "I" in "team" and our guys need to function as a whole, not a bunch of individuals!

Granted, this was just one game and everyone has bad days at work. I just sincerely hope this is not an indicator of our 2005 season.

We fans deserve better than that and so does the TEAM!

Brenda in Oregon,

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