Browns' run-defense has holes

Packers should be able to capitalize behind Green

The Cleveland Browns defense did little in the season opener to quell concerns that stopping the run will be a problem.

Cincinnati's Rudi Johnson ran for 126 yards against the Browns, and the front seven had little pressure on quarterback Carson Palmer. The Bengals finished with 148 yards rushing (4.6 per carry avg.) in their 27-13 win over the Browns in Cleveland.

The Packers will try to take advantage of the Browns soft front line in what should be an emotional day at Lambeau Field. Green Bay will start the day by retiring the number of all-time great Reggie White.

Brett Favre will not have Javon Walker (out with a knee injury), but he might not need him as long as he can hand the ball to Ahman Green, who rushed for 150 yards against Cleveland when the two teams met in 2001 at Lambeau Field.

Teams will try to run on the Browns until they prove they can stop the run. The front seven is undersized, inexperienced and trying to learn a new system, similar to New England's defense.

"They're a good 3-4 front and pretty close to what we faced against New England a few weeks ago," said Packers coach Mike Sherman.

In the Browns' new scheme, the Browns use veteran Jason Fisk, signed as a free agent in the off-season, along with ends Orpheus Roye and Alvin McKenley at the ends. Roy is entering his 10th season. Matt Stewart, a free agent pickup from Atlanta, and Chaun Thompson entered Week 1 manning the outside linebacker positions. Andra Davis and Ben Taylor play the inside linebacker positions. Kenard Lang, who has 42 career sacks, mainly as a defensive end, was moved to outside linebacker like will start for Stewart against the Packers. Stewart sustained a sprained knee in the opener and could be out for at least a month.

The Packers, who inexplicably abandoned the run in the second half of their loss to the Lions last Sunday, no doubt will pound the ball at the Browns behind Green.

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