Reaction to the Action

Here are some e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth in the wake of the Packers' 26-24 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday:

Might as well go with Rodgers at QB
I Have a few thanks to give out for this awful played loss by the Packers.

1. Thank you Brett Favre for such class, a great career of highlights and winning football seasons.

2. Thank you Reggie White for such class, memories of a defense that was good.

3. Thank you Ted Thompson for extending this retard Mike Sherman's contract.

4. Thank you Mark Roman for not being a football player and not tackling the opposing player.

Oh boy, this is going to be a long season in Titletown. Front office personnel would be nuts if Sherman coaches through his contract.

Favre stayed one year too long. I'd rather see a rookie quarterback go through the motions, than see Favre a great Hall of Famer go through this. He deserves better.
Mark of Coram, N.Y.

Sherman shows no enthusiasm,
This is what I see:

Sherman looks like a corpse with a pen in his mouth. He NEVER shows ANY enthusiasm for the Packers or the game. If he can't get fired up and excited about the game, how does he expect the team to? He's supposed to be the "thermostat."

Horrible leadership, great play-calling. No wonder the Packers appear flat, their "leader" is flat. He has a job coaching one of the greatest NFL teams ever, and he's making a mockery of it. So, what gives?

The team still hasn't "gelled" yet and doesn't appear to be making much effort to do so. Why are there so many penalties? They are professionals, not beginners. There is no valid reason for this. And to say "well, they are all young" is no excuse. If you are good enough to make it to the pros, you better be good enough to WIN!

EFFORT PEOPLE, EFFORT! Hey Sherman, how about you show us that you are thankful to have the job as leader of the storied, has-the-greatest-fans-in-the-world GREEN BAY PACKERS? Show some enthusiasm, smile, jump around when our guys do great things and SHOW SUPPORT FOR YOUR GUYS!

It's only Week 2, and this has already gotten old. LIVEN IT UP! SHOW ENTHUSIASM! GET FIRED UP AND for everyone's sake. ENJOY THE GAME! It's starting to look like it's a dreaded thing to have to go and play. Very sad.

I love my Packers no matter what, but I'd really like to see them be the winners they are FULLY capable of being. Stop the flat stuff.

Here's looking forward to Week 3.

Dishonor to Reggie
Speechless! What a dishonor to Reggie White, his memory and his legacy. Losing to Cleveland? I don't know whether to spit tacks or cry in my beer! Maybe I'll do both! UGLY! Really UGLY!

The end is here!
Well, there you have it, Ladies and Gentleman. No more wondering, or waiting for the inevitable to happen this year. (ie: barely winning in the weakest division in the NFL, and then getting embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs again this year. Nope. No need to hope against hope that Favre will somehow pull another Super Bowl victory out of his rear end. Nope. No need at all, because folks, the end is here!

Stupid Sherman & Co get a two-year extension for this? Have the powers that be in the Packer Board Room finally reverted back to their old mentality of the pitiful 70's and 80's? Has the coaching pool in the NFL gotten so thin that rather than start fresh with some new blood and coaching philosophies, the Packer Brass choose to hang on to an inept and ignorant coaching staff that is stuck in the mud? Yup!

I can hear you now, oh die-hard fools. "We are only 0-2. There are 16 games in a season. Losing Walker is a the reason we are 0-2. Sherman will rally the troops, and he will get this fixed."

Well, let me throw some reality your way, oh blind faith believers: Only 14% of all teams in the history of the NFL have ever come back from 0-2 to make the playoffs. Here's another dose. NO team has ever come back from 0-3 and went to a Super Bowl.

Oh, by the way, Hey, Stupid Sherman! The Bucs are coming to town this week.
Gary Allen, Very Disgruntled Packer Fan,

Stats tell the story
Unable to see yesterday's Packers-Browns game or any highlights thereof I appreciate your "Game Stats" posting. Though a few long gainers positively distorted Trent Dilfer's total passing yardage, I found other stats more revealing and the picture they paint disturbing: 21 passes completed, a 66% completion rate, and no sacks . . . all for a notoriously slow journeyman quarterback who had no running game off of which to "play action." If that combination doesn't dramatize the Packer's fatal lack of a pass rush, I don't know what would. Pass defense and offense start up front. Without a pass rush it won't make a bit of difference which four defensive backs the Packers field and 300+ yard passing yields will be common.

By the way, I discovered a few other stats equally disturbing. Since the playoffs expanded to 12 teams in 1990, only 14% of teams that started the season 0-2 made it into the playoffs, and only 4% of the teams that started 0-3.

I think we are going to learn a lot about the character of the entire Packers organization next Sunday against the 2-0 Buccaneers. I'm hoping for the best, while remembering statistics rarely lie.
Dennis P. Waldera, Alamo, Calif.

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