Thomas likely has a concussion

Recurring headaches have left him groggy throughout week

Joey Thomas is not fit for playing football, at least not this Sunday. The cornerback wants to play, but for a team that needs to focus on eliminating poor judgments and silly mistakes, Thomas can do anything but focus.

The cornerback sustained what will likely be ruled as a concussion after he took a knee to his forehead last Sunday, compliments of running back Reuben Droughns of the Cleveland Browns. Thomas was knocked out of the game on the play, which occurred late in the first quarter. He returned to finish, however, the headaches that he suffered soon after he made the tackle have recurred throughout the week. Those headaches have led to him to feel very sluggish.

Thomas is undergoing a catscan today. It appears that Thomas is suffering from the effects of a concussion. If that's the case, don't expect him to play this Sunday, and possibly the following game Oct. 3 against the Carolina Panthers.

"When the headaches trigger, they come," Thomas said. "When they die down and you do something again, the headaches come back. It's not so much the headaches for me, it's the feeling drowsy and groggy. I'll work with a headache, but it's all the other symptoms that are forbidding me from being on the field right now."

Thomas spoke to reporters today next to his locker, though, very softly and slowly. It would be difficult to imagine him taking the field on Sunday when the bright lights of a TV camera shining on him were enough to make him turn his head and look away.

When asked if he is frustrated at the prospect of losing his starting job to Ahmad Carroll, Thomas shook his head and said, "You know, man, I've been through everything a person could possibly go through as far as difficult situations. I'm not even going to worry about that. I'm going to get my body, get my head together and move forward. There's nothing that can happen to me now that hasn't happened to me. I'm going to move forward and be positive."

It may take a while before Thomas' headaches go away. His desire to play remains strong, but his body simply is not ready.

"My comprehension is good. I'm still the right person," he said. "But sometimes things don't click as quick as they used to. It's kind of in and out."

It would be best for Thomas to be out of this Sunday's game.

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