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Most correspondents feel Packers will fall to 0-3

Todd Korth, Managing editor
Bucs 28, Packers 17
Comment: The Packers have lost three straight home games dating back to Dec. 19, 2004 against Jacksonville. The Bucs have too much for Green Bay to overcome on both sides of the ball, which will allow Tampa Bay to extend Green Bay's home losing streak to four games and win in Wisconsin for the first time since 1989.

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Bucs 16, Packers 9
Comment: The Buccaneers' defense is not what the Packers struggling offense needs right now, and home field will mean nothing playing against a team rising in confidence. The Packers will fight and scrap, but fall to 0-3.

John Lombardi, Correspondent
Packers 28, Bucs 17
Comment: The Packers bounce back and break out of their funk to defeat the Bucaneers. The Bucs will be able to run the ball with rookie "Cadillac" Williams, but the Packer offense will control the ball and keep them off the field. If the Packers do not try and run the ball, they will lose.

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Bucs 21, Packers 13
Comment: The Packers face their most difficult challenge yet in this young season. Coach Jon Gruden has his Bucs playing very stout defense and he's also shored up his offensive attack with running back Cadillac Williams and steady quarterback Brian Griese. I look for the Packers to play better than they have the first two weeks but Tampa Bay is on a roll.

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Tampa Bay 28, Packers 17

Jeff Royle, Publisher
Buccaneers 28, Packers 14
Comment:This may be the first time I've pick the Pack to lose, but having watched this team do little if anything in the first two games, I just don't see enough positive signs that the Packers will be any better this week.

Jay Royle, Publisher
Packers 28, Bucs 17
Comment: They seem to play well at desperate times the last couple of years so hopefully that holds true.

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Buccaneers 24, Packers 6
Comment: Why not? The Packers' defense stinks, the Packers' offense stinks. Packers MVP Ryan Longwell is responsible for two field goals as Packers drop (gulp!) to 0-3, and conversations about Mike Sherman's future start up big time.

Bob Fox, Correspondent
Packers 24, Bucs 20
Comment: The Packers are a desperate football team. They can't afford to go 0-3. The Bucs might be a little over-confident coming into Lambeau at 2-0. Expect the Packers to pound the Bucs' Cover 2 defense with plenty of running plays to force Tampa Bay to bring a safety up near the line of scrimmage. Also, expect a lot of play-action from the Pack. The Packers' defense needs to create some turnovers.

Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Packers 20, Buccaneers 17
Comment: This isn't a homer pick. The Packers, sick of hearing about "Cadillac" Williams, will shut down Tampa Bay's run game and force a mistake from quarterback Brian Griese. The Packers' moribund running game, meanwhile, comes to life just enough to take a little of the heat off Brett Favre.

W. Keith Roerdink, Correspondent
Bucs 23, Packers 20
Comment: I can't believe I'm picking this, but Green Bay is in total disarray right now, while Tampa Bay looks to be better than anyone predicted.

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