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Here are some e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth from Packers fans in the wake of Green Bay's 17-16 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday at Lambeau Field:

Trade Favre to the Jets,
Face reality, this season is OVER! The Favre era is over, too, in Green Bay. It's time for the Packers to move foward with the franchise, show some guts and TRADE Brett Favre to the NY Jets for two number-one draft picks. If they can get more in the deal like Al Davis got for Gruden when he robbed Tampa Bay, LETS DO IT!

The Packers MUST take advantage of the Jets misfortune and make this deal. Favre was the Packers Messiah. Now he has to be their sacrificial Lamb on the altar to help secure the team's future. Keeping Favre on a losing team for the fans and sentimentality IS STUPID! The Packers fired Bart Starr as head Coach, they can trade Favre to the Jets and ROB them for at least two No. 1 picks.

Branch Rickey the old Brooklyn Dodgers GM always said you trade a guy while he still has value. Favre has plenty of value to the Jets right now and the Packers must take advantage of the Jets' shock and desperation. MAKE THIS DEAL NOW! The Football Gods on MT OLYMPUS have aligned the heavens to make it happen. The Jets need a QB and we need to rebuild and get top-notch talent. The Packers can even make an incentive trade with the Jets in case NY wins the Super Bowl with Favre, so we get more picks.

Lombardi said you have to pay the price to win. We can't trade Favre for nothing! It's best for the Packers to make this deal, tank the season and DRAFT REGGIE {4.2 in the 40} BUSH from USC. Maybe the Packers could even get QB Marques Tuiasosopo from Oakland to fill in as the team's signal caller until Rodgers is ready. He is a good player in the wrong system and a fire-brand Samoan Warrior who can throw on the run.
Louis Marcos, Boston, MA (

Favre getting a free pass,
I just read where Ted Thompson alluded to penalties and botched kicks as the reason for the Packer's 0-3 start. Why does the Packer brass insist on defying Brett Favre and refusing to see he's having a terrible year and is largely to blame for the three straight losses? Favre personally is responsible for eight turnovers in those three games. If his name was anything but Favre he would have been benched by now!
Ken Parrish, Lynchburg, VA (

Why not go for two?
Down 17-12, just having scored a touchdown, the Packers decide to kick the extra point instead of going for the two-point conversion. Why? Whether or not you make the extra point, you are still a touchdown or two field goals behind. On the other hand, if you make the two-point conversion, your deficit is only one field goal. At the end of the day, this turned out to be the difference between Green Bay and Tampa Bay on Sunday.

A big, but distant Packer fan.
Trond Hanesand, Bergen, Norway (

Still time to turn it around
Fellow Fans,
Yes, we have sunk to the cellar of the division. Is the season over? I don't think so. I saw hope in Sunday's game. Our defense has been playing pretty well. Aaron Kampan had a terrific game (please sign him for 4 years), and our tackling is getting better, I believe due to Mr. Bates. Still some missed tackles, but improvement is there. There was more fire on the sidelines, which also is an improvement, but one I would like to see continue.

The Pack needs to support and help each other instead of pointing fingers. That includes Mr. Sherman. I was appalled to hear that Joey Thomas would be benched after giving up his admitted big play against Cleveland. Hearing that reminded me of Ed Donatell getting fired for his one blown coverage against the Eagles. It is not a one-person game! I believe that if one person can change this team it is Mike Sherman.

The play-calling is stale. Running on every second and short is a waste of a down. We do not have the blocking to create something big with our run unless we spread the defense by lining up recievers, especially on second down when EVERYONE knows we will run! The middle is stuffed and third is nearly ALWAYS a passing down. We need to change our play-calling up more. Our time management is also a question area that needs attention. We never seem to be in a hurry to score, even with the clock ticking down.

The Packers can still be competitive in our division if they start winning like last year. That could give us a playoff spot. Hearing many critics counting us out will hopefully add to the fire, and give our team the drive it needs. Come on Pack, let's turn this around and bring back the Lambeau pride that we used to have. Go Pack!
Jason Eckes, Middleton, Wis.

Packers need more talent
Mr. Harlan and Company:
We gave you the tax increase to renovate Lambeau Field. Lambeau is making money. Now spend some of that money and get us some decent players! We're sick of losing!

No talent, no coaching, no hope
In this case I hate to say I am right, but our beloved team is and will be in trouble for years to come. Reason: no talent, no coaching. Why does the media and the coaching staff berate Ahmad Carroll? At least he tries and has talent. If he is so bad, why was he drafted in the first round? He and Nick Collins, from what I see, are the best players. Get rid of the scouts and the people that are responsible for poor drafts the last few years. Is this the year the Pack goes 2-14?
Peter Stoyanovski, Toronto, Canada (

End of the road for Favre,
Packer fans, I believe it is safe to say that this is Brett Favre's last season playing QB for the Green Bay Packers. Let's treasure all the memories and not take this season for granted, since we only have 13 more games to watch him play.

Like Steve Young said on 09/25/05 on ESPN's pregame show, the Packers organization (management) have left Favre behind. Favre hasn't lost a step. He is in better shape.

First the Packers chose not to sign Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera, which is crucial in order to give Favre time and protection. They draft a QB in the first round, and do NOTHING to upgrade the defense. They should have drafted immediate help in the first round. I didn't see anything in the 1st round after the 24th pick, the Packers should have traded down. Pick up a QB in the 3rd or 4th round. Charlie Frye, and Kyle Orton were still around. Packers should have picked players like Channing Crowder and Matt Roth, then wide receiver and running back and tight end. Face it, we are going to have to replace Ahman Green soon, and Davenport can't stay healthy. Take a wide receiver because Donald Driver is nearing 30, and tight end, so we can give our so called West Coast Offense a 2nd TE, in order to run it properly.

Even in 2004 picking Ahmad Carroll … what were they thinking? Chris Gamble was still on the board. With receivers getting taller all the time, Gamble would have been the appropiate choice.

It is just sad to see how the organization is showing the door to a future Hall of Fame QB, especially since a lot of teams still covet that position. We can definitely state that the Packers are rebuilding as of now, and need to start with Mike Sherman. I sure hope they keep Jim Bates. We need a defensive coordinator like him to crank up the defense. I read that we might bring in Brad Childress - offensive coordinator from Philadelphia. I hope its true.

Well, Favre, good luck. Thank you for the all the memories.
Luis Mora, Boca Raton, Fla.

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