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Fans respect Favre for his resiliency, leadership

Favre quiets the critics
After watching Favre's performance on Monday night vs. the Panthers (4TD's, 300+ yards), I hope it shuts up some of these so-called sports analysts. The Packers are in trouble because they cannot protect Favre and make room for Ahman Green to run. The offensive line is atroucious - period. With Green out of the game in the 4th quarter, Favre took it upon himself to get things going and gave the team and fans some hope.

As you can see Favre is in great shape, and he proved it Monday night. (Hey Michael Irvin you can play football after you're 30 if you stay away from "La Cocaina" that is).

Thank you Ted Thompson for ruining the 2005 Packer Football season. He should have kept Mike Wahle. Sorry Mike Sherman, but you need to go at the end of this season, and Thompson you need to bring in Brad Childress.

There are rumors that if the team is out of the playoff picture for good, that they are going to bench Favre in favor of Rodgers. Hopefully these are only rumors, but if this does happen, Sherman/Thompson you are going to have a mob after you. Favre is the face of the Green Bay Packers, do not forget that, you might as well go and piss all over Lombardi's grave and see what happens. Let Favre play no matter what and let him go out with dignity.
Luis Mora, Boca Raton, FL

Look at the bright side
To whom it may concern:
I have watched and read the analysts and writers do nothing this year but put down the team. I am getting mad about it. Where is the common sense? You don't kick a man when he is down, instead you try to help them. This is not a case for tough love. Kindness will build up better than the stuff that has been written. All I get from the analysts and writers is how bad the Packers are, but you don't hear very much about the good things. Sure we are 0-4 but look at the last three games. We lost all three by only six points. The team is starting to gel and I don't care what you say, I believe the Pack can come back. Even if they don't, I know in my heart that they are playing as hard as they can and they deserve credit for that. So try to put some of the good in your "reports" rather than trying to bury them.
Linda Holstine, (,
Let's not lay blame on Brett; he can't win the game all by himself. And I can't accept that the O-line and D-line lacks experience. How long have you been playing football? Even in High School you learn the basics … FOOTBALL 101: (1) protect the quarterback in the pocket (2) Catch the ball when it's thrown to you; (3) Tackle the opponent when they have the ball.

I'm really curious what all went on in Training Camp before the season? Seems like you all (except Brett) should go back all the way to High School and start your careers over again, because you missed the very basic tools required to win a game.

And by the way, how many Packers does it take to tackle a Panther?

Vince would say: "what the heck is goin' on out there?"
Erik Hass, Seattle, WA

Favre still the team's shining star
Dear Todd,
Rather then "rant 'n rave" this morning about last night's game, and question why Sherman used all the timeouts on Carolina's last possession, why Leach is dropping passes while our Pro Bowler William Henderson is on the bench (Sherman has done everything in his power to make William "go away", i.e. Nick Luchey and now Leach), why our running game is in the gutter when just two years ago Green and Davenport led the league in rushing ... on and on and on adn on. However rather then lament about that, I want to speak and reflect a bit about one, bright shining star, Mr. Brett Favre.

The Iron Man started his 229 consecutive start last night (including playoff games). A milestone that is not nearly talked about enough, but one of his many accomplishments that insures his enshrinement in Canton. Since 1992 Brett has come to play and play hard! He has played through 3 head coaches, two general managers and God knows how many players. But, at the end of the day, Brett is still Brett a humble man who respects the game, his team and the NFL. Oh sure, at times he give us fits with his turnovers. Good thing he has amnesia when it comes to losses and turnovers. No sooner does he have a turnover he shakes it off and comes back to make one of those unbelievable plays/comebacks! Professional sports in America may never see another Brett Favre type player. Never once did he complain about money, threaten to hold out or blame others for any misfortune. Brett has shown up for the fans, the Green Bay Packer organization, the NFL for 229 consecutive games. He often showed up either injured or suffering great personal loss. I'm not sure the fans, the Packer organization has always shown up for Brett! Let me explain.

At times I think the organization took Brett for granted. Brett may be the greatest QB to ever suit up for the game, yet one can question whether or not the Packers always took advantage of his talent and surrounded with the "right" complimentary players/coaches. Secondly it is being rumored the current administration, Thompson and Sherman plan to sit Brett and let their new draft pick take some starts. THIS IS WHERE I SAY HOLD THE HORSES!!!!!!!! Packer fans should be banging on Harlan's door if this is really true. I read it as recently as this morning on, Len Pasquarelli's column. After all that Brett has given us, the fun, excitement for 229 consecutive games and now THEY want to sit him? Him is not the problem! Thompson and Sherman better sit some others first! Brett is the only one showing up to play!

Make no mistake about it Packer fans, Favre came to Green Bay just in time for this franchise, much like Lombardi did 30 some years earlier. Had # 4 not shown up in Green Bay, there would be no SB 31 and 32, no new Lambeau Field, no Monday Night games, and rest-assured the likes of Mike Sherman, Andy Reid, Steve Mariucci, Jon Gruden, Ray Rhodes, Dick Jauron ... none of them would have been head coaches if it weren't for # 4! Who brought GLORY back to TITLETOWN, was it Mike Holmgren? Not even close! Look what Mike has done with his career post-Brett!

Packer fans, don't let Thompson and Sherman "blow out this candle" on us! The two of them have taken too much from us already! Long after this league is done talking about Ted Thompson, Mike Sherman and Bob Harlan, pre-games shows will be talking about the Gunslinger of Green Bay!

Thanks Brett and Deanna, thanks to the late Irvin Favre and Bonita Favre for sharing and giving us so much!
Mike Fosso, Manchester, CT

Turn out lights on Sherman
In the immortal words of Dandy Don Meredith from Monday Football lore: "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

First off, to all those out there who said that Favre is done … It's obvious that they do not have a clue about this guy. If it were not for # 4 this team would have more than likely never gotten out of the lousy 25 years of football that followed the glory years of the 60's. Brett Favre is one tough dude, and he is far from washed up!

Now other than that, The Green Bay Packers are right where they should be at this point because of the fact that they are poorly coached, poorly conditioned, and less talented than they have been in recent memory. Of the first four games this year, they have only had the lead for six minutes!! Thats right, count em" 12345 SIX minutes!! That is lousy football ladies and gentleman. Plain and simple.

Everytime I see Sherman's mug on the TV screen, I want to put my foot right through it! How many more losses is it going to take before somebody shows that fool the door? That's all I really want to know, because the only time that the Packers have started 0-4 was on three other occasions, with three other coach's. Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, & Lindy Infante. Starr was a great player, and so was Gregg, but neither could coach very well, and Infante flat out sucked, just like Sherman! Please, turn out the lights, cause this lousy party's over.
Gary Allen (

Packers will win,
I've never seen one player carry a team before like I saw tonight in the 4th quarter. Brett Favre was amazing,and for all those so called experts who say he's washed up, only have to look at his performance tonight to see that he can still play the game at a high level.

In my opinion, the Packers have only been "beaten" once this year - Game 1 against Detroit.To lose the last 3 games by a total of 6 points shows me that this team is capable of winning. We only have to do away with the mental mistakes and turnovers.I think and hope that once this team gets their 1st win,that they will go on a roll.The NFC north is still wide open,and there are still 12 more games to be played.
As a true Packer fan, I still fly my Packers colors proudly, and always will.

Peter Schwind,

Haven't we seen this before?
What the hell was that all about? Did somebody have a brain freeze or what? Just call me Sleepless in Wisconsin! This has gone beyond ridiculous. It's like the movie Ground Hog Day and it's time to stop watching this movie.

Not playing as a team,
The Packers are doing it again, mental errors and mistakes, bad passing, not much of a running game, defense not creating enough turnovers. The Packers don't seem to be playing as a unit- or as a team. The Packers looked better the second half-but we not covering on its late drive and running out of time, this happened the last two games. For three games w have last a total of 6 points. The last two games the Packers could have won the game, if they ran with the ball.
Mary Bryson, Orange Park, FL

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