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If you're going to follow the NFL draft, you better know the lingo. Here are a few of the more colorful terms that will be thrown about the war rooms of NFL teams during the upcoming draft, according to NFL Insider. These terms are commonly used by NFL scouts to evaluate players: <p>

Following is a commingly used phrase followed by its meaning:
Big bubble: Large butt
Bird-dogging: Quarterback who tends to lock on to one receiver
Blinders: Poor peripheral vision
Double-catcher: A receiver who bobbles the ball before pulling it in
Flat backs: Small butt
Good motor: Strong effort on every down
Hard hands: An offensive or defensive lineman with strong hands
In the chair: An offensive lineman who keeps his butt down in pass protection (good trait)
In-frame guy: Catches the ball with his body rather than with his hands
Light hands: Offensive or defensive player with weak hands
Maserati: Great speed
On stilts: A linebacker who doesn't bend his knees, making it easier for him to be blocked
On the hoof: When scouts and coaches see a player in shorts with no shirt
Plays the piano: A linebacker who stays square and uses his hands
Power pack: Strong legs
Reach-and-plucker: Catches the ball with his hands rather than with his body
Road grader: Extra-large, extra-wide offensive lineman
Slow blinker: A player who isn't too bright

Straight-line guy: Little or no flexibility

Tilt: A running back who moves with his body leaning forward (good trait)
Works in trash: Knows how to avoid fallen bodies

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