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Here are a few of this week's e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth about the Green Bay Packers:

Not giving up yet
I am not happy with the loss to Carolina, but I am happy they didn't roll over when the Panthers had a big lead. We are waking up in games but just too late. It keeps getting tougher schedule wise as of our players dropping like flies. I am not giving up yet. If we get a win before the bye I think we can get our heads up and give people problems but that's easier said than done. So hopefully they just put what ever they got on the field and hope to pull out some wins.

Jason, Boston, MA

Not over till it's over
Dear Todd,
I trust that you saw this, The game was on here in North Carolina, which is where I am. I saw Brett yelling at Fergie! Good for him. Brett needs to do that to ALL his receivers to wake them up! Is the Packer Season Over? NO! Not by any means. I saw all the reviews, not one of them think of the Packers making the playoffs. Is there still hope? Yes! Of course, if this team will get the finger out of their butts. Stop feeling sorry for themselves, and do some very long and hard practice. Again and again until they get it right!

Brett was doing most of the yelling while Mike Sherman looked LOST! And out of it! Changing plays on offense may help us in the 2-minute drills from time to time in each quarter. On short yardage for 1st down, good, hard double huts will draw any defense offside! EVERYBODY MUST be ready to play at any given time.

The running game Was pitiful, which focused Brett into a panic mode! But as everyone knows he can handle it! Let him do his thing by passing for 40 touchdowns!

On Defense, safety and defensive backs look like they were being dragged everywhere! Stopping the run looks GREAT! But we MUST sack the quarterback by bull rushes!

Trust me! It's very hard for me to talk this way about My Team! VERY HARD! But since being a Packer Fan 51 years of my life, and with the players that the Packers have, there is NO REASON in the world why the Packers should be 0 for 4!
Tom, (tomfast@bellsouth.net)

Refs have too much control
I'm sure you get a lot of letters and I hope this one goes to print or posted. The Packers are taking a lot of deserved heat these last 3 games with all the mistakes and penalties but when are the fans going to have enough with the refs? Not with just the Packers but with all NFL teams.

It seems with every game I watch there are clearly bad calls that TV cameras can show and sports broadcasters see and even the refs admit, but is it me or does it seem to be getting worse? The one that sticks in my head is when Tampa Bay clearly fumbled the ball on there own 10-yard line and KGB recovered it, but the ref blew the whistle and made the ball dead but after reveiw comes out and says it was a fumble but the the ball was blown dead, so Tampa retains possession? Not saying this is what happened but in a world where we can't trust even world leaders, what would stop a ref from changing the outcome of a game as it did with the Tampa game?

Yes, we did miss one field goal, but I'm sure Green Bay would have made something out of that on the 10 yard line. Longwell doesn't miss often. It was a one-point game difference. And that pass interference rule is a joke now. It was bad before, but I see it called whenever they want and at other times it isn't. With the refs having this much control over a game, it's getting to the point where wrestling is as real as the NFL. Not just me, the spoiled fan, but what about the player that works so hard and sacrifices injury and his body for a chance to go to the Super Bowl and it all gets taken away by some 60-year-old guy with glasses. Example: Pats and Raiders in the playoffs a few years ago in the snow. IT WAS A FUMBLE. Then what about the hearing with these guys? Remember the heads and tails with the Steelers. I could go on forever and ever. I guess as long as the NFL is making billions who cares.
Rick in Clearwater, FL

Coach got extension too soon
Packer Report,
I'm a loyal fan transplanted to Ohio from Wisconsin. The Packers always have been and always will be my team - win or lose. What I don't understand is why the Packers front office gave Sherman an extension before he earned it! I've watched the sidelines and Sherman is busy looking at his clipboard or playing with his nose. He shows no emotion, doesn't know how to use that red flag in his pocket and needs to let Favre call plays! We need to spend some money and get some offense and everyone knows our defense is ridiculous! Quit with all the speculation on whether Favre will retire or not - when he's ready he'll give the word. In the meantime, look at Sherman and how he's continually dragging us into the ground. Show some emotion, show some discipline. The Pack will be back! I have no doubt!
Mary Callaway-Trinko, Lima, Ohio

Should have kept one lineman
Hi, Todd,
It sure seems like you have endless possibilities to write about on why the Packers are off to an 0-4 start. Where is Ron Wolf? I attribute some of the Packers' demise to the fact it is hard to maintain winning season after winning season for such a long period of time. I really believe though that there have been some not-so-good management decisions made with regards to personnel, especially after Ted Thompson took the reigns as general manager. Not signing either Rivera or Wahle, or both, was a huge mistake. How can you let a Pro Bowl lineman like Rivera go? It sounds like the salary cap may jump to $100 million next year from the reports I have heard. You can't tell me that there wasn't some way to sign at least one of those players? I wonder how much sleep Ted Thompson is getting these days/nights?

The salary cap hits with Joe Johnson and now C. Hunt will make it even more difficult to pay upcoming Packer free agents, but also free agents outside of the organization.

Drafting a quarterback in the first round and a wide receiver in the second was a huge mistake, a blunder. Everyone knew that the Packers weakness was its defense which looks even worse than last year after 4 games.

When Brett decides to leave, the Packers will have his salary to go out on the free agent market and get a QB if they need to. Ron Wolf was great at drafting QBs in the later rounds. I feel Ted Thompson will quickly turn the Packers to rubbish, and more importantly, make the retirement decision for Brett a much easier one. The Packers just don't have the personnel on defense to get the job done and it won't matter if Brett throws 5 touchdown passes every game. I wonder how many players from the Packers defense the average NFL fan could name? Not many. There is one NFL statistic that does not lie - it is the take-away stat for which the Pack is something like a league low -8. OUCH!

Building a good team starts with hiring the the right management team. I don't see our general manager as the one to lead the Packers.

To be honest, I am really not upset that the Packers have a losing record. They have been in the last 3 games with a chance to win and it is really a pleasure to watch Brett play football. How many teams can say "they" went 13 seasons without having a losing record? Heck, look at the Milwaukee Brewers. They have not had a winning record in God knows how long. In the big picture we realize that we rant and rave over a simple game that we could all live without if need be. I do know this: I will be back next Sunday watching the Packers regardless if they win or lose because I am a Packer fan and I love the game.
Randy Nyberg, Albuquerque, NM

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