Reaction to the Action

Here are a few e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's 52-3 win over the New Orleans Saints Sunday:

Time to believe!
Let's get ready to climb aboard this "roll" I believe that Pack is going on. They definitely made a statement today, and everybody stepped up and played hard. To all the nay-sayers out there, I say, "go root for somebody else."
Peter Schwind,

Division title within reach
I have never given up on the Packers and never will, win lose or draw. I couldn't see this Sunday's game as Fox didn't show it here in Rhode Island. I miss a lot of good Green Bay games here. In fact, to me all Green Bay games are good. But, from what I read of the game I am overwhelmed.

I know the Packers will take the North Championship again and in my own mind, the Super Bowl this year. Talk about being biased. I also enjoy your writeups of the Pack.

Way to go, Packers!
I was unable to watch the game due to Cleveland playing Chicago, but I watched the score ticker and couldn't believe my eyes! I know that New Orleans is struggling, and I was fairly certain the Pack would win that game, but a blow out like that?! Wow!!

Hopefully with the bye we'll be able to do some healing and get working on the trouble spots, facing Minnesota when we come back. Go Pack!! Happy Birthday Brett! (mine's coming up on the 19th!!)
Mary Callaway-Trinko

Grant Davis, Warwick, RI

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