Letters to the editor

Here are a few letters received this week by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Don't ever give up
I sure want to say that being a true Packer fan, means you take the good with the bad. Don't lose hope yet, I still think that the team can come back. I wear my wrist bracelets and Packers jackets and other clothes with pride. I will not give up on the Packer team, we can and will be strong.

I wish instead of giving Sherman a longer contact we would have gotten the front-line better. How can we except Favre to win games when he has no protection. The defense is improving and I believe will continue. BUT get RID of Sherman. He is no good. Let Favre call the plays, he knows what he can do with the players he has.

I have lived in Wisconsin all my life and will continue to be behind the Green Bay Packers, but get rid of Sherman. I think he is hurting the team. Will people stop saying Brett is going to retire. He loves the game, let him play and leave him alone about retiring. Hopefully he will not for a few years yet. He is good.
Kathy, Columbus, Wis. (kstansbe@amfam.com)

Play with your heart!
I love the Packers and have followed them from all over the world as a military family member. Didn't matter, win, lose or draw, we always watched and cheered. I think what is really bothering me this season is that all the players do not seem to be playing with their hearts and talent. And the coaches don't seem to be pushing them and are calling some of the strangest plays.

I think Brett Favre is one of the best things that has happened to Green Bay in a long time and he is in the best shape ever. I would really hate to see him retire in the face of a losing and dismal season. The Packers are the No. 1 team of America and Packer fans support no matter what. When my daughter was stationed in Iraq, the Packers was the only team that sent something for her and she had to guard her autographed photo of Brett—even from her Mom. It hangs in a place of honor with her other sports memorabilia—you would never believe how much those small mementos meant to her and the others there with her. So Packers, hold those heads up high and play with your hearts. St Vince is watching so dang it, start playing like you mean it. Thanks for listening and GO PACK!
Sue Prieve, FT Carson, CO

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