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Fans offer their opinions on Packers

Keep it going!
That was a big and awesome win two Sundays ago. Between the Saints being discombobulated and everything going right for the Packers, but somewhere in the middle of that is the real Packers that I still think can play with any team in the league. We have to go to Minnesota and pick up another victory and it's not going to be easy, but with the problems they have I think we can come out on top.
Jason, Boston, MA

Too many flags
Dear Todd,
It is very frusrating watch NFL games. It seems that a flag is thrown on every play, especially on punt and kickoffs. 18 flags on the Pack against the Lions. 21 on the Ravens against the Lions. Both games in Detroit. Fans like watching football, not the zebras.
Peter Stoyanovski, cadiekid@yahoo.com

Down on Fox network
I am very ticked off. Fox has the Packers vs Vikes on the schedule, but after checking the upcoming TV schedule, Fox has some idiotic shows on instead of the game. I know we are far off in the east, but they could have run a game for us over here.

Quoting Jeffrey Royle: "Scout Media has merged with Fox Sports etc. If this is taking the vision of Packer Report to the next level, why are they not televising the game Sunday? I have never cared for the Fox network as they have cut off a lot of Packer games on TV and put on some other non-descript game. This game coming up is, to me, one game all Packer fans want to see, not some rerun show.
Grant, gddave28@yahoo.com

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