Packers-Vikings: Quotebook

What players, coaches were saying after the game

Paul Edinger, kicker
On where his game-winning kick ranks:
"That was one of the top. It has to be the top. It's good to kick winning field goals, but the way we were kind of struggling it's good to get off to the right start against Green Bay. For me, personally, I've been playing against Green Bay for six years now and to beat them with a winning kick feels great."

On if he tries to kick the ball lower from that distance:
"Well, I think I just proved that wrong on that kick because it took off real high. I mean it was way up there and it had the distance, too. I just proved to myself there that you don't have to kick the ball low to get it that far. You have a certain amount of range and you don't want to start kicking the ball lower to kick it that far, only in dire needs, maybe half the field or something like that. Then you really have to kick it low."

Mike Sherman, Packers coach
On his congratulations to Mike Tice:
"Under adverse conditions to come in here and do what they did in the second half, I take my hat off to them. They did a great job."

On what happened to the Packers' defense in the second half:
"First of all we couldn't run the ball effectively throughout the ball game. That contributed somewhat to our flaws. We weren't able to get the ball much because of the fact they moved the ball pretty well against us. And when we did get it, we missed two field goals at different points in the ball game, which didn't help matters much."

On if this is the lowest point this team has been since he has been coach:
"No, because I feel that our guys battled in the ball game. If I look on that field and I saw our guys didn't try or quit, I would say that is a low point. This isn't a low point for me. There is a lot of football left to play. We have to figure things out."

Daunte Culpepper, Vikings quarterback
On the emotion of the game:
"I think it started on Wednesday. We had a great workday Wednesday. We have a short memory about losing the game in Chicago. The only thing I was talking about after the game on the plane is we have to have a short memory. In this league you have to have a short memory from week to week. You have to get ready to go out and put forth your best effort to get a victory the next week."

On what changed in the second half:
"Nothing changed personnel-wise, it was just our attitude. We just settled down and said, 'Hey, let's just play winning football. And we did that."

Brett Favre, Packers quarterback
On what happened in the second half:
"We played about as flawless as you can play in the first half and that is what we had to do to win, but we didn't do it for four quarters."

On completing most of his passes (28 of 36) and losing:
"It just goes to show it takes a total team effort. At times we played well, and at times we didn't."

Darren Sharper, Vikings safety
On what game means to him:
"It felt good. It always makes it a little sweeter when you beat a team that you played for and have such a history with. I'm just happy to win. We haven't had that experience around here in a long time. Everyone knows what turmoil we're going through. A win makes it feel a lot better."

On what happened at halftime:
"I said something a little bit, not saying I changed the game around, but we came in at halftime and a lot of guys had their heads down. Looking around looking for answers. We have to play with some pride. They came in here and handed it to us in the first half in our stadium. So I said, go out there and play with some pride. And that's basically what we did when we went out there in the second half."

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