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Most fans feel Sherman should be fired

Poorly coached team
This is really beginning to bother me. Is it just me, or doesn't ANYBODY ELSE notice that whenever a BIG play needs to be ran, or stopped, Stupid Sherman & Co continue to blow it, time after time after time!!!

Ya, ya , ya, I know the old saying that "coaches coach, and players play," but how much lower can this get?

Todd, I never thought that I would say this, but I can't take it any more! I have invested way too much emotion on this team, with so little return on that investment. I believe that I am past the point of caring.

This team and its poorly coached and poorly conditioned. Players have just chewed on my last remaining nerve! Can you, or anyone else for that matter, answer these questions? How in the world do you call a run play on 3rd and 2 with 90 seconds left in the game, when your two best backs are out? How do you manage to amass a whopping 50 lousy yards all game against one of the worst run defense's in the league? How do you NOT have Brett Favre, who was on a roll, continue to throw the ball?

Why won't the Packers fire this clown of a coach? I'm sure he's a very nice guy and all that, but he clearly is out of his element coaching big-time football games. Are they in a proverbial salary cap hell, because of Sherman's stupid moves as GM over the last four years. Is that what is preventing them from getting some quality players on defense, and quality back ups on offense?

Don't talk to me about all the injuries! They are poorly conditioned, and that has a lot to do with the injuries. Plus when things start looking desperate and gloomy, some players try too hard with their heart, and not enough with their head!! In doing so, they try to make too much happen all at once.

Is there something going on here that I don't see? Or is it a just another case of the "blind leading the blind?"

Ahead 17-0 at halftime against the Vikings, and they still found a way to lose the %*%#@&$# game!
Gary Allen,

What happened?
We weren't able to get the game on our Fox channel because the Browns and Detroit were playing, but I kept watching the little scoreboard in the corner of the TV.

Packers ruled first half of that game. We were jumping for joy. Then the second half came and I watched the lead dwindle and dwindle and then - the loss! What happened? Where did the first-half Packers go? Did the defense come out to play second-half? I'm told the offense kept trying and trying, but couldn't get in. Missed field goals. Wow!! Longwell – where did your foot go? I do hope that you and Sander can get it together soon. We need you! I do hope the front office looks at the coaching staff and really looks hard. Is it Sherman? Has he lost the edge to win the game? Is it Bates? What does the team need to do to get it back together. Win or lose, I'm still a Packer fan and I'll watch the ticker next week. GO PACKERS!
Mary Trinko, Lima, Ohio

What a disaster!,
This was a disgrace! Did somebody forget to tell them that after halftime there's two more quarters to play? The running game wasn't working after halftime so what was that call on 3rd and 2? Who'll be the scapegoat for that disaster? I realize that Edinger's kick was fabulous, but it should NEVER have come down to that....NEVER!

1-5 and here's why
Dear Todd:
I feel as though I have just watched a Halloween horror movie! I am going to refer to an article/interview that appeared this past week in "The Green Bay Press Gazette". It was an interview with Bob Harlan. I would encourage your fans read it:

In a nutshell Harlan talks about the angry fans, and how he must remind us of just how much we have won in the past dozen years! WOW, spoken like a man with a losing attitude! I didn't know that you could win too much in the NFL! I wonder if the Executives of the N.E. England Patriots feel they have won enough (Super Bowl Champs, 3 of the last 4 years)? Maybe Coach Lombardi won too much. Perhaps we should turn a couple of his trophies back to the league. C'mon Bob, that's your remedy to 1-5, remind us of how much we have won? Instead, with the salaries you, Thompson, and Sherman draw from the organization you should explain to us how the team got in this shape to begin with! You have had the luxury of having one of the best QB's to ever play the game. Did it occur to anyone of the geniuses running this team, that he needed some defensive help, some special teams help? Lest we forget the 1996 SB 31 Champs had the No. 1-ranked defense that year.

Brett had a career day on Sunday vs. MN. He was 28 of 36, 315 yards, 2 TDs and 0 ints. A completion percentage of 78%! He is still showing up and doing it for us with a depleted receiver corps, no running game and a patch work line. But Mr. Harlan wants to remind Brett, the team and the fans of how much we have won in the past! Maybe John Jones will bring a different attitude.

OK, if the "3 Amigos", Harlan, Thompson and Sherman can't figure out why we are 1-5, let's help them:
A. Harlan, can't and won't make a football decision. He defers to Ron Wolf for all such decisions. Now I am not going to take away credit from Mr. Wolf, and what he accomplished in the early to mid-90s but let's access his recent recommendations. Exit Mike Holmgren, enter Ray Rhodes....need I say more. Exit Ray Rhodes, enter Mike Sherman....we'll get to his list of accomplishments in a minute. Exit Mike Sherman the GM, enter Ted Thompson the GM. One would have to be an idiot to think Ron Wolf didn't recommend and encourage Harlan to hire him. Goodness can the President of the organization act like a President! What on earth was so great on Mike Sherman's and Ted Thompson's resume that they deserved to be GM's of the most storied franchise in the NFL!

B. Sherman's resume in Green Bay goes like this:

1. Past two seasons, losing record in Lambeau Field. Do you all recall when we had a 29 game winning streak in Lambeau.

2. Sees no need for a defense and sees no importance in special teams.

3. Can't coach the team to hold and protect a lead. Of course Sunday, after a brilliant first half, another Packer team enters and plays the second half. I would love to know what Sherman told them at halftime. Must have been very motivating! Let's remind us of a couple of other games where the lead fell apart. In Philly (the 4 and 26th game) we were up 14-0 at one point! KC in Lambeau, 2003 season we blew a 35-17 lead in the 3rd qtr.

4. Talent scouting and assessment. I won't bore you with Sherm's inability to assess and develop talent, but other than Najeh Davenport and Javon Walker (both out for the season) the past 6 drafts and recent free agency selections have been BUSTS!!

5. His inability to prepare and coach big games. Look at the playoff record. The only coach to lose playoff games in Lambeau, the Philly 4-26th game, has lost 3 consecutive home openers in Lambeau, on and on and on.

6. Play calling. Sunday Brett was in total command of the game, playing like a bona-fide superstar. It's 3rd and 2. Sherm takes the ball from Brett and gives it to Tony Fisher, a third-string running back! I could recite volumes of plays like over the past 5 years. Oh one other quick one, 2 yrs ago, Philly playoff game. It's 3rd and 1, we have a healthy Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport. Sherman lines up 5 wide receivers and leaves the backfield empty. Remember this was Green's 1,893 yard season.

C. Ted Thompson has done nothing since his arrival in Green Bay. A mediocre draft. Sure Nick Collins and Will Whittacker are starting but only by default and the fact we have no one else! His early resume looks like this, he signed Adrian Klemm, Matt O'Dwyer (cut). At some point we will see how Aaron Rogers does, but I haven't heard anything real positive! I will give a bit of credit although it's early, he brought in Lee the young TE from Miami. Of course on Jim Bates' recommendation or that would have flown beneath his arrogance.

Fans, this sums it up as to why we are no longer a winning franchise! But hey we should be happy, we won a Super Bowl 9 years ago! We aren't due yet for another 21 years!

With this in mind, I challenge the GREAT Packer fans of WIS and around the world. Let's hold back our bucks on licensed merchandise, tickets, Packer Partners whatever we can do to send a message. Hey it worked in the late 80s with the Univ. of WIS Badger football team. When the fans stopped going, Donna Shallala hired Pat Richter and Barry Alvarez!

And I say stop supporting their stadium infra-structure needs! Goodness gracious the FINE folks of WIS have been "flim-flammed" twice. Once by the Packer Execs and their need for a new stadium in order to keep the franchise competitive. We could have lost just as many games in the old Lambeau Field! Secondly the Seligs when they needed a new stadium in order for the Brewers to be compet itive. Again, the Brewers could have been sub-.500 just as easily in County Stadium!

I close with these parting but nonetheless dismal thoughts: One, Sunday's loss may be insurmountable; Two, I am afraid we are going to revert to the 70s and 80s when players didn't want to play here and we were the laughing stock of the NFL. No. 4 and No. 92 changed that mentality, but the Packer Execs have squandered all of that "money in the bank". Lastly, it's clear to see No. 4 still has a lot of football left in him. Look at his stats against the other league QB's. It's a real possibilty he could don another uniform for a year or two and in order to win another ring. Don't think for a second Parcells wouldn't take him over Bledsoe, or Shanahan take him over Plummer, or Joe Gibbs over Brunell, or Herm Edwards over Vinnie Testaverde, or Lovie Smith over Kyle Orton, or Brett's friend Mooch over Harrington and Garcia, etc.

I close with tears on my keyboard,
Mike Fosso, Manchester, CT

Sherman to blame
Packer Report:
The Green Bay Packers and their coaching staff can spin Sunday's loss any way they want. It had nothing to do with losing Ahman Green and Roger Ferguson. Truth be told the coaching staff took the ball out of their star's (Favre) hands in the second half until it was too late.

The Packers did not need to change their game plan at the half. They were winning. I don't care who the opponent is, or what turmoil they are in, you beat your opponent into submission and you don't let up until they quit. Another loss that sits squarely on the shoulders of Mike Sherman and his staff.
Doug Faulds,

Fire Sherman,
Wow! What a great first half against Minnesota. The Packers came out strong, looking like a team ready to start winning and playing hard. Favre was on top of his game and that first half was fantastic! But what team came out of the tunnel second half? What happened to the Packers? How could we go from 17-0 to losing 23-20? How could we not score a single point until the game was almost over? Sherman, where's your passion? Where's your leadership? How could you let this happen? I know the season is dismal and it's really looking bad, but I'll continue to cheer the team on and support them.

Sherman, you're out of there! Let Favre call the plays and win the games.
Kathy Stanberry, Columbus, WI

New coach is needed
I'm wondering how the Pack sustains all these injuries. Is there a lack of proper conditioning regimen by a poor coaching staff? Even so, Sherman played another poor second half with conservative calls. It has been obvious that Green can no longer successfully run the ball, whether that is because he has lost the ability or the other teams have his number isn't important.

The fact that the Pack gave up on a successful passing game and went to a weak running game tells me we need a new coach. Remember how the Pack used to come out for the second half under Holmgren? Whatever he did in the locker room compared to Sherman must be world's apart. The Pack is absolutely uninspired by whatever takes place in their locker room. Thompson better wake up and make a change or he too might find himself out of work. The jury is still out on him! One more loss and they better give Rodgers some playing time just in case Brett decides it's a waste of time playing for the Pack next year.
Grant Thomas, Brookfield

Heads should roll,
I think that many other Packer fans will soon agree that the offensive coaching staff is killing this team and making the decision much easer for Favre to retire. Every time Favre takes control of the game the coaches tie his hands behind his back. Sunday against the Vikings during the last drive that draw on 3rd and 2 was one of the worst calls I have ever seen.

The Packers haven't had a dependable run game all year and on one of biggest plays of the game they put it in the hands of their third-string running back instead of their Hall of Fame QB. I hope when Sherman had that look of disgust on his face at the end of the game it was directed at his play-calling!

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