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A few pundits believe an upset is possible

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-2
Bengals 28, Packers 20
Comment: The Packers begin their first week severely undermanned because of injuries. It really cannot get much worse. They will be competitive for the rest of the season like they will against the Bengals on Sunday, but will fall short where it counts - in the win column.

Jeff Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 3-3
Packers 24, Bungles 17
Comment: I just can't stomach picking the lowly Cincy Bungles over the Packers. Granted Palmer and loudmouth Johnson are having a nice years, but I predict Al Harris will make it a long day for Johnson, and Favre will show Palmer how to take a team on his back and carry it to a victory.

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 3-3
Bengals 34, Packers 14
Comment: The Packers have a thoroughbred at quarterback in Brett Favre but they have too many injuries to expect them to beat a team as well-balanced and well-coached as Cincinnati. The Bengals are playing at home and they are still stinging from their loss to the Steelers. They have Carson Palmer. They have Chad Johnson, fine tight ends and a solid running game, not to mention a stout defense. They are well-motivated to come out and jump on an opponent that they should beat. The Packers fit that description perfectly. I expect Green Bay to play with plenty of heart. Unfortunately, you need weapons to win in the NFL and they just don't have enough.

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 3-3
Bengals 34, Packers 17
Comment: As long as the Packers are playing Cincinnati, I want to see Chad Johnson score, so he can unveil his next TD dance. Some are annoyed by him, but we need to have some fun, right? His salsa dance last week was awesome. Oh, yeah, analysis for this game: Packers aren't good enough to win.

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-4
Bengals 31, Packers 14
Comment: There's not enough offense on the Packers' side of the ball.

Todd Korth, Managing Editor
Season prediction record: 2-4
Bengals 28, Packers 14
Comment: Cincinnati's offense, averaging 370 yards per game, and home-field advantage will simply be too much for the Packers to overcome.

W. Keith Roerdink, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-4
Packers 24, Bengals 17
Comment: Chad Johnson will be putting a check in the 'yes' box for whether or not Al Harris covered him Sunday, and we will finally see a smile return to Brett Favre's face.

Jay Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 2-4
Bengals 35, Packers 24
Comment: Just too many injuries meaning too much inexperience right now on the field to compete.

John Lombardi, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 1-5
Bengals 28, Packers 21
Comment: Maybe if I pick the Packers to lose, they will win. The Bengals can be run on, but I doubt the Packers will be able to do so, given their injury situation. It will be a duel between Brett Favre and Carson Palmer and the Bengals have more weapons at receiver.

Bob Fox, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 1-5
Bengals 28, Packers 24
Comment: The Packers will play hard but the injury situation has caused a huge void in the depth department. With Brett Favre under center, the Packers always will have a chance to win, but he can't do it alone. For the Packers to win this Sunday, they will need key contributions by players that have stepped into the limelight because of the onslaught of injuries. That would include the likes of RB Tony Fisher, WR Antonio Chatman and WR Andrae Thurman.

Laura Veras Marran, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 1-5
Packers 24, Bengals 21
Comment: Injuries render this game a matchup disaster, but I'm going to keep picking the Pack until we both get it right!

Mark A. Wallenfang, Photographer
Season prediction record: 1-5
Packers 31 Bengals 23
Comment: I truly believe that the Packers can right the ship, still salvage the season and STILL win the division. Even at 7-9 or 8-8. OK, you all think I'm crazy, but this division overall is not the best by any means and with 10 games to play anything can happen. The Bears and Lions are still a longshot to win the division and the Vikings, well, they really don't deflate until after mid-season and right now they are only one game better than the Packers. Don't forget that we still have a very healthy Brett Favre, something the other three teams don't have. So the optimist that I am, and I have NEVER bet against the Pack, I have to stick with them and say they pull off the upset on the overconfident Bengals. A win will point them in the right direction to finish out the season by winning the division. Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-2
Bengals 27, Packers 10
Comment: The Bengals' weakness is their inability to stop the run. Too bad the Packers can't exploit it.

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