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Some feel Packers need new coaches

Bengals should be fined,
The Cincinnati Bengals organization should be fined at least $1 million for the security breach that allowed a Bengals fan to run onto the field in the closing seconds of the Packers game to botch the natural outcome of the game and endangered the safety of the players. It is not unheard of for a mentally unstable person to attempt bodily injury or murder on someone as famous as Brett Favre. What if the man had a gun? He was even close enough to stab Favre. Clearly the "fan" that did this intended to prevent a comeback by the Packers.

How do we know that the Bengals organization did not pay this man to sabotage the play. Clearly what is at stake is worth paying somone large amounts of money to run out on the field and get arrested.

In this time heightened security in this country it is totally unacceptable that such a breach should occur. Finally, the organization should be investigated starting with the owner, and the team should ultimately be fined as it will be considered an option for any organization to allow such an "accident" to happen in future games. If you think this is far fetched, consider the money and stature that is to be gained or lost by those who succeed in the NFL.

The Packers and anyone that cares about the integrity of professional football should demand this action from the league.
Mike Sandbothe, Kansas City, MO (

Changes need to be made!
I'm seeing commentaries blaming everyone on the Packers and still raving about how Favre almost pulled it out. It's time to be honest and admit that Favre played like a high school freshman. Poor decisions and poor throws right into coverage. It doesn't help that the Packers passing plays are so predictable for the defenders to cover. What is with the run to a spot and stop? That is a perfect recipe interceptions to occur. If Favre is going to play so terrible under the present team makeup, put in another QB to prepare him for the future! Man O' War may have been great, but he still ended up in a glue bottle!

Obviously it is a different game with so many players injured, but why is it that a Packer can't seem to do anything without pulling a muscle? They appear to be in less than good condition for the game they are playing. The defense is playing way above expectations, but special teams needs new coaches and new players. I'm afraid the "glory years" have left Green Bay just as they have with all the powerhouse teams of the past.

We're going to need new coaching staff and new players from QB down to the water boy. Let's hope Thompson is up to the task!

Grant Thomas, Brookfield, WI

Coaching to blame
Fellow Fans:
This year is a difficult one to stomach, and our problems seem to be the same each week. I personally think it is the coaching, specifically the time management. Each week for the past how many, we have been driving back trying to catch up, and the seconds dwindle down and force us to make passes or try plays that we just aren't pulling off. WHY? This week, our first drive kept the defense off their game plan, we moved the ball downfield with the hurry-up and scored. Where did that go? The second to last drive where we scored again, we WASTED so much time walking to the line, getting set, there was no urgency ONCE AGAIN! If we are down by 2 touchdowns with 8 minutes left, we need to move! But there was no rush in our offense, and what happened at the end? Favre was forced to try something (which there should be a playcall for situations just like that - a one word trigger to let SOMEONE know beside Favre- good idea, bad result)but once again we faltered.

Granted, with the 5 picks on Sunday, I was truly amazed by the effort of our defense. Fantastic job gentlemen. To give an offense like the Bengals the ball that many times and give up 21 points shows me a lot. Our D has improved a lot.

We are so much better than a 1-6 team! This is the fourth time, possibly the fifth, that our time management has been questionable to say the least, yet it has not been addressed? WHY? The problem is apparent, but nothing has been done, and it is killing us.

I am going to the Christmas game, and I still put my jersey on every weekend. My love of the Pack will not change if they are 1-15. But when the players are losing because of the same problem for this many weeks, a change needs to be made.
Jason Eckes, Middleton, WI

Is Favre totally to blame?
Another game,another loss. What is wrong with our Pack? 5 interceptions yesterday … BAD! Are the players running the wrong routes? Are Brett's passes that off, or is the opposing defense reading us that good? I've heard a lot of announcers blaming Brett for yesterday's loss, right or wrong in your opinion? After training camp I knew we weren't going to be a great team, but this I never saw coming!


When do the Packers play Rodgers?,
Yesterday was ugly Todd. Where does it go from here? Who is your pick for NEW head coach? Today's poll question on is should the Packers start Aaron Rogers. Of course I voted no. First off I would hate to see them sit Favre when this isn't his fault. Secondly I think it would be bad for Rogers psyche with so few tools at hand....oh well, bring on the Steel Curtain.
Michael Fosso,

Hi Todd,
I can't understand how Mike Sherman got an extension. The Bengals game is yet another indication that this guy is average at best! With over 2 minutes left in the game he calls a time out, the Packers stop them then he let's another 40 seconds or so tick off the clock until the 2 minute warning, instead of calling another time out, and use the 2 minute clock for his benefit. That would have given Brett just under 2 minutes to drive down the field.

Has Sherman ever heard of misdirection or throwing a wrinkle in? My goodness the Bengals were over pursuing on every play. Hey Mike what about a reverse?!

In my opinion Sherman's record without Favre the last 5 years would have at least 40 more losses. And this new new GM … give me a break. You take away Brett's only weapon, pass protection (Wahle, Rivera) especially with the cap going to 100 million next year, and you couldn't find away to protect the franchise (BRETT) ? One last thing Brett, get out of there before these idiots get you killed! I guarantee if you had Mike Wahle or Marco Rivera there Sunday, they would not have let that idiot get close enough to take the ball from you, and you wouldn't have been hit on every other play!

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