Carroll still an asset

Cornerback penalized four times, but making plays

A Green Bay radio station Monday morning took an informal survey of callers who either "like" Ahmad Carroll, or those who want to "launch" him from the Packers defense.

Not surprisingly after Carroll drew four penalties in Green Bay's 21-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday, many callers want to "launch" Carroll.

Carroll had trouble all of last year and during the first few games of this season keeping his hands off receivers. During a four-game span leading up to the Cincinnati game, Carroll avoided penalties and made an impressive interception against Tampa Bay. It seemed as if he was turning the corner on his career.

But he suffered a setback against the Bengals, though not enough to "launch" him out of his position.

"Some of the things we love about Ahmad Carroll is his aggressiveness and toughness," Packers coach Mike Sherman told reporters today.

Indeed. Carroll has all the ability. He is slowly but surely gaining more confidence. He made another impressive interception of a pass thrown by Carson Palmer Sunday, which is exactly why Sherman used Green Bay's top pick in the 2004 NFL draft on the cornerback from Arkansas.

When at times, it appeared he wasn't coachable last year and even into the off-season, Sherman says that has progressed in a positive manner as well.

"When we've talked to him about his penalties and addressed them, and talked about what he has to do better, he's been agreeable to that," Sherman said.

Carroll has shown enough flashes this season to convince the coaching staff that he can be a top conerback in the league. He has the ability. His confidence is growing. He hit a bump in the road Sunday, but he is still an asset to the Packers' secondary.

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