Sydney Speaks! Just not good enough

The Green Bay Packers are not good enough to compete with the good teams in the NFL anymore. Green Bay's defense has kept the Packers in every game, regardless of how the offense has played, with rookies, average players and HEART. But because of the offense and the inability of Mike Sherman to get a feel of the game, the Packers are 1-6 and the worst team in the NFL. Let's take a look at what's really happening!

Mike Sherman is showing that he doesn't seem to have a feel for calling a game. It's like he doesn't know how to make the necessary adjustments once things don't work out well.

Five interceptions against the Bengals is too much, and those came because Sherman didn't want to run the ball. The Bengals' strength is pass coverage and their weakness is stopping the run. So what happens? The Packers get into a throwing contest when they didn't have to. That's coaching!!

Coaching is pulling Brett over and saying, ‘Enough is enough.' Sherman needs to do it during the game and not after the game. Don't be pissed after the game. Be pissed when it happens and change the course of the game at that time. Regardless of the offense the defense under Jim Bates has made incredible strides week after week. After five interceptions the defense only gave up seven points. AWESOME!

It started with Brett and he played like it had to be about him. He played like he didn't trust anyone to make a play when the guys around him did make their share of plays when they had the chance. Tony Fisher played hard and did a good enough job to win. Antonio Chatman had a career game as a receiver. Bubba Franks had seven catches. There were some key drops, especially by Donald Lee on the sideline for a potential big play. But all of these guys are part of the supporting cast and can help the star shine, which leads us back to Brett Favre.

Last Friday my column was about "HOW WILL THEY RESPOND?" after losing to the Vikings. Against the Bengals Favre turned back the hands of time. He reverted to the "Gunslinger" and threw five picks, which hurt this team. And the play at the end of the game to fake the spike to kill the clock and try to out trick everyone, including his own teammates, was one of the most selfish and ridiculous things I have ever seen. Think about the situation: no timeouts and needing to get into the end zone to score seven points for a tie. Why wouldn't you kill the clock and then huddle up to set up the play that they have been practicing every week as part of their two-minute drill? When Brett did that he put himself above everyone, including the coaches, and that's not right. Why? Because Brett doesn't want to win more than anyone else. Brett is at the point in his career that he needs to play smarter, not harder, and this team almost won regardless of him which to me is a sign that this team is about a team not an individual!

This unit is playing its butts off without a pass rush. The secondary has improved and the play of Nick Collins has been incredible for a rookie. He is doing everything except catching the ball, but then again if he could catch he'd be a wide receiver instead of a safety. Mark Roman played well also with some nice hits, especially on Chad Johnson. The linebacker play also has improved, especially in the run game. Nick Barnett, Robert Thomas and Paris Lenon have done a great job.

Again, the Achilles heel is the defensive line when it comes to the pass rush. Kabeer is bringing nothing to the table, absolutely nothing. He's been invisible except when I see him getting "abused and dish ragged" by whoever he is facing in the run game. That's why my hat's off to Jim Bates for his ability to take chicken crap and make chicken salad. It is amazing. For this defense to only give up seven points after five INT's and keep the Packers in the game was OUTSTANDING!

Much more they did it inspite of Ahmad Carroll's play. For every good play Carroll makes he makes four bad ones, but unfortunately he's all we have because for some reason Joey Thomas lives in the doghouse. I know the defense also struggled with tackling at times as well as the linebackers had their troubles with pass coverage on crossing routes and covering backs out the backfield, but they kept the Packers in the game!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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