Fan pleads innocent

Bengals fan ran onto field in final seconds of Packers' loss Sunday

A Cincinnati fan pleaded innocent Monday to a variety of charges stemming from his on-field shenanigans toward the end of Sunday's game.

Gregory Gall, 31, ran onto the field and snatched the football out of the right hand of Brett Favre while the Packers quarterback had pulled back from center on an aborted hurry-up play in the midst of a potential score-tying drive.

Gall sprinted to the other end of the field and was finally tackled by security guards and arrested.

Favre subsequently was sacked on the next play and then threw an illegal-forward pass that ended the game.

Neither Favre nor Sherman blamed the incident for disrupting the Packers' momentum as they got within striking distance of the end zone.

Sherman said Monday that Gall's antics reminded him of his first game as an offensive line coach at UCLA in 1994.

"In the Rose Bowl. Beautiful setting. My wife and kids were up in the stands, and my parents (from the East Coast) were there," he recalled. "And then someone jumps on the field buck naked. So, that might have been more of a distraction than what happened (Sunday).

"I felt bad for the guys that had to tackle that guy," Sherman added humorously.

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