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Fans offer their thoughts on the Packers

Memo to Packers management
Some thoughts I hope you'll share with Brett, Mike and Ted:

Hang In There Brett — Any serious Packer fan knows full well that with a "gunslinger" comes higher highs and lower lows. You've overcome and accomplished so much personally, and we fans have so much to thank you for. Keep you're head high, keep leading and keep fighting. Make the best decisions you can. But remember, with little run game for defenses to respect, and the defensive backfield sitting in coverage and on routes, interceptions will probably be many. Hopefully, touchdowns, too.

You're On Probation, Mike — Few have questioned your decency or commitment. But now we'll learn, once and for all, whether you have the leadership and motivation skills needed more than ever. Absent some unlikely turnaround, the Pack has only the underdog spoiler role to play the rest of the way. It's your job now to see that the team plays with character and heart every week regardless of wins and losses. That's something that can be built on next year, and success may turn some of your doubters to supporters.

Take Advantage of the Rest of This Season, Ted — Sounds a little trite, but buried in the team's adversity is a huge opportunity for you. Thanks to injuries, and toughness of schedule the rest of the way, you're going to gain rare insight into your active roster. Both the "keepers" and "pretenders" will become more obvious; so too the team's core for next year. That, in turn, should sharpen your player retention and draft strategy. Make the most of it.

By the way, you, Mike and Brett also have a touchy issue to resolve. You all know that Aaron Rodgers will need at least a season, and more likely two, of trial-by-NFL-fire before you'll really know what he's got. Now, sooner than hoped, you're faced with the decision of when to get him knocked around. Brett will want to play every down the rest of the way this year. But what's really important is what Brett wants to do next year and beyond. Absent injury, Brett's got the skills to play five more years; especially if he'd be willing to wear other than green and gold. He'll be non-committal publicly, but you've got to get inside his head and heart. The less likely Brett's coming back next year, the more important it is that Rodgers get his snaps this year. You knew that, I know. Now fans are waiting to see how you handle the knowledge.
Denny Waldera, Alamo, CA

Déjà vu all over again
It's pretty much safe to say that the Packers season is over. I am 29 years old and have been watching the Packers play since the early 80's, needless to say they look like the Packers of the 80's. Seems like we are going to end up with either the first or second round pick. Hey, I wouldn't mind taking Reggie Bush (RB USC) that wouldn't be so bad considering Ahman Green's career in Green Bay is pretty much over, and Davenport cannot stay healthy.

We also need to dismiss Mike Sherman and hire Brad Childress (offensive coordinator-Eagles) because he's got strong ties to Wisconsin. I hope that Jim Bates stays in Green Bay, he has definitely improved a pathetic defense without big blockbuster players.

As for Brett Favre, it is sad to see that his career is going to end on a down note, and not because of his talent, he still has what it takes to be successful in the NFL, but because all his weapons were lost in free agency and injuries. It would have been fun to see how far he could have gone, but with so much change, and rebuiliding to do, I don't think he'll stick around. Maybe we can lure Charlie Weiss away from Notre Dame. How about that?

Well, either way I am going to root for the Packers each and every Sunday because after going though Hurricane Wilma and not having power for a week, watching the Packers play makes me forget about that for a few hours.
Luis Mora, Coral Springs, FL

Must be a team effort to win
I have to, once again, comment on the Packers' loss Sunday. I realize the Packers are riddled with injuries, but the players that are left are talented, skilled players. These "backups" have got to start catching the ball, running the ball, protecting Brett Favre and letting these plays develop, but don't quit your route!

I've noticed a lot of teams are having key players suffer serious season-ending injuries. Are these players so busy worrying about their millions of dollars that they think they should be paid that they aren't getting the conditioning they need to earn those millions? Come on guys - Brett cannot do it all, even though he tries!

Sherman, get those plays ready and out to him more quickly and efficiently! If you cannot do the job - give it up then! Don't say you're satisfied with your coaching if you cannot get the plays out or think faster on your feet! Let Brett call the plays, let him keep throwing the ball! The Packers will win again. The Packers still rule in my heart and always will!
Kathy Stansberry, Columbus, WI

Keep the faith!
I've read and listened to a lot of comments to Sunday's game vs. the Bengals. I knew it would be a tough game and, yes, I thought we'd come out on top. Yes, Brett Favre threw five interceptions! Wow, I cannot imagine the frustration he must be feeling. Receivers have got to catch that ball. They've got to fight for the ball. Keep your feet moving and quit planting so the defender knows where the ball's going to be!

Come on Pack, you can do this! It is a tough schedule coming up, but I don't believe the Pack is out yet! Keep fighting for that win. Favre, don't give up out of frustration. Keep throwing that ball and, yes, the Packers will win more games!
Mary Trinko, Lima, OH

Never give up on Packers!
Is the Packer Season Over? NO! Who is good in the so-called Black and Blue Division? No one except Green Bay! Yes, the Packers have 1 win and 6 losses. So what? They can still come back! EVERYONE MUST BE READY TO PLAY! Even practice squad players! It's time to get the fingers out of the butts and win the rest of the way, like I know they can!

Hello Coaches! STOP LOOKING LOST! The front line of the defense looks great! Work on the things that need to be worked on and carry it through the next game! COME ON GUYS YOU CAN DO IT! Brett is going to stay another season, and if I was in his shoes I would myself! LEAVE BRETT ALONE. He is not the only player!

Tom, (tfast55@yahoo.com)

Packers, fans will survive 2005
Dear Packer Report:
I started following my Packers in grade school. My Dad and I didn't miss a Sunday. Of course you can't live and die with your team 40 years without having a season like 2005. Most Packer fans are ‘loyal to the core'. We will survive this downturn.

I still believe that Harlan, Jones, Thompson and Sherman will bring this team back.

To the Packers front office: Don't make the mistake the Steelers would have made if they had fired Bill Cowher several years ago when times were tough. Don't make that mistake with Mike Sherman. He can lead this team back to the Super Bowl.

To Brett: Loyal fans are not quitting on you or the team. Don't give up. Stay and help bring this team back to better days.

I thought I would feel worse being 1-6. But I'm as exited about game day today as I was in Week 1.

Mike Roteik, Arnold, CA

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