Receivers' experience concerns Favre

Brett Favre says that Green Bay's new crop of receivers is the most talented since he has been in Green Bay. But he has his fingers crossed hoping that they will catch on to the offense as quickly as possible.<p>

For Favre, entering his 12th season in the NFL, the clock is ticking on his NFL career. The Packers realize that, so they are loading up as much as possible in all areas of the team to make a Super Bowl run this season. They began this season by trading for wide receiver Terry Glenn. Mike Sherman then moved up in the recent NFL draft to take Florida State wide receiver Javon Walker with the 20th overall pick.

Along with the addition of defensive end Joe Johnson and an offensive line that returns all five starters – a rarity in these days of free agency – the Packers are counting on Favre to lead the Packers to San Diego this season.

"Time will tell how every one of these guys adapt to the way we do things," said Favre, showing a touch of gray hair these days. "For the most part, I like what I see. I know Mike Sherman extremely well. I think he's the right man for both jobs. I like the way he approaches the team. Most of the team will adopt the personality of the head coach. If our new guys can buy into that, I like our chances.

"We played well last year and we went a lot further than we've gone in the previous two years, but we're not satisfied with that. (Sherman) addressed that. I thought that was important. We want the Super Bowl, and we want it now. There's no time to wait."

The Packers finished with a 12-4 record last year, then advanced to the NFC Divisional playoffs before getting pounded by St. Louis. Favre matched an NFL record with six interceptions, but has filed that nightmare away.

Since that horrendous day last January, Sherman has revamped the wide receiver corp, trying to add a few more weapons for Favre. Besides the additions of Glenn and Walker, Favre and Sherman were pleased with the performances of younger receivers like Charles Lee, Donald Driver and Robert Ferguson at the team's recent minicamp.

Favre also entered the camp throwing better than ever, with far more velocity on his passes than he has in the past at this time of the year.

"I'm amazed at how comfortable he is at this present time," Sherman said. "It's gonna take a while not just for him to get comfortable with them. I think Brett's fairly adaptable moreso than the other guys getting comfortable with what Brett's going to do and how he constantly plays the game until the whistle blows, and how they have to stay alive and make plays for him while he's running around.

"It's a work in progress. That's all I can say. It remains to be seen. The men, for the most part, are catching the ball well. We have guys catching it with their hands a lot better. It's a work in progress. I can't exactly tell you when there's going to be that comfort level that he has had to a certain degree with the previous group."

When the Packers won the Super Bowl in 1996, Favre was surrounded by talented and experienced receivers like Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman, Mark Chmura and Keith Jackson. Glenn is experienced but not in Green Bay's offense. If Freeman does not return to Green Bay, the rest of the Packers receivers have a total of 16 catches last year.

"I like the talent moreso now than I did then," Favre said. "What probably worries me is the experience. When Keith Jackson came in here, we all knew what he could do, and sure he enough he did it. We all knew what Chewy (Mark Chmura) could do and what he brings to the table, and Robert Brooks, and so on. Some of these guys are unproven, but they have tremendous talent. I'm probably more pleased with the talent now than I was then. But talent alone doesn't win championships and doesn't get you in the end zone. It's a big factor, but experience ... there's no substitute for it. How quickly these guys catch on will be the difference."

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