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Fans offer their thoughts on Packers after Sunday's loss to Steelers

Way too many mistakes!
Dear Todd:
I know, they won't fire Sherman for two reasons: one, the stockpile of injuries and, two, Favre may not return under a new head coach. I'll buy reason number two, but I am having a harder time buying reason number one as I watch each passing week. Let me explain.

Sunday, I watched turnovers that were caused by veteran players. Let's start with the Favre fumble. Where was his protection on that play? As long as we are there, let's stay on Favre. Brett threw yet another pick which looked like a perfectly thrown pass, but of course off the fingers of Donald Driver. Rewind a bit to earlier in the game. Robert Thomas intercepts a Charlie Batch pass. Favre starts a drive that removes over 8 minutes from the clock. We get inside the five and once again fundamentals breakdown. It's obvious that the two offensive masterminds, Sherman and Rossley haven't practiced the hard count. On two consecutive plays we have two veterans commit back-to-back false start penalties. That's shameful on your home turf. Then, to top off that drive, the Steelers turn our excellent red zone position in to 7 points for them! A second Packer drive resulted in a missed 31-yard FG attempt. Longwell in the past was money in Lambeau but that looks like it's going the way of what was once the Lambeau Mystique. Maybe Thompson and Sherman can trade up in the '06 draft for a hot place-kick holder. My last thought on the Pack-Steelers is check the stat sheet. The Steelers were clearly outplayed by GB but when you give up 17 pts on turnovers. Mike Sherman, you lose!

People can harp on the injuries and yes they are a factor. However, what is a more important factor are the mistakes being made by veterans. Which leads me to believe that the Oneida Golf and Country Club has relocated to 1265 Lombardi Avenue!
Mike Fosso, Manchester, CT

Not giving up
Hi Todd,
Yes, we are 1-7. Yes, it's depressing. What I see when I watch the games is a Packer team working hard to win but just falling short of pulling it off.

We have so many cards stacked against us this season with all the injuries and having to resort to third- and fourth-string players. But what I do not see is a team that is as bad as their record indicates. We need to stop making crucial errors and giving the other teams opportunities. I see a team that is making a lot of dumb mistakes but at the same time showing incredible heart. When you have players like Samkon Gado playing as he did Sunday, it gives me hope. Yes, the losses are hard to swallow but I refuse to give up on the Pack. I believe in Brett Favre. I believe that anything can happen when No. 4 is leading the way.
-Tracy Mangold, Combined Locks, WI

Gaining downhill speed fast
With all due respect to their injuries, one must ask: How many home games have the Packers won in the last year and a half? Five, maybe six not including playoffs out of 12 or 13. That is a real indicator that this team is not being led properly. If you can't win at the historic Lambeau, then what can you expect on the road. I see Sherman on the sidelines week in and week out looking more confused than a drunken fan trying to find their way back from the bathroom to their seat. If this is how we expect things to be, and just accept the injuries and playing hard as the new measuring stick for success, than I am losing hope for my favorite team and it's fan base. I am hoping that Ted gave Mike the two-year extension just to take away any possible excuses for failure that might occur and not because he really believes that Mike is going to take this team to a higher Mark. In my opinion the Packers have been able to win in spite of Mike, more than a result of his great leadership abilities.

This season is over and we all know it. Ted is also going to be measured by his decisions, which he is well aware of that fact. Next year could prove to be one of more change than in recent years because some of the questions will be: Does Brett want to play for a loser when he still has a lot to offer? And will Ted see that he must make changes to give this organization the swagger, and direction that it had years ago under Mike Holmgren? Why not think about making those changes this season while the wheels are still in the process of falling off, instead of waiting until there is nothing left but the axles.
Craig Schlomer, Mount Laurel, N.J.

One of those seasons
The new player we picked up seemed to do good. I have realized this is one of those years that you have to just hang in there and wait for the rebuilding of the team to come. It will be interesting to see how many true Packer fans there are. I wear my Packers gear proudly. I just wanted you to know I take the good with the bad. That is a true fan.

Kathy, Columbus, WI

Rely more on veterans,
I really thought we could beat the Steelers in Lambeau. I am still holding out hopes that we can win the NFC North Division. With the defense playing well, and Brett Favre, I think we need to use William Henderson more in a short passing game like a run play along with Samkon Gado running and more of the two tight ends with Driver to keep the defense spread a bit by going deep to him.

Why would they not throw the ball more (one In 11 plays)? On the one series they were deep in the red zone and they had Franks, who Brett used to throw to in a crossing route often, and use Donald Lee and Henderson? They just kept running. When there are so many hurt I think that the team should go with the remaining starters more often. Go with the best you got. Just trying to out-guess and spread the ball to many players does not mean you will have success. You need to go to the starters more. Thanks for reading (listening) to me sound off. The Pack can still turn it around enough to win the division. Forever a Packer Fan!
Jerry Ingaldi, Erie,Pa.

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