Sydney Speaks! Just say no to T.O.

Terrell Owens a Packer? No way, says Harry Sydney. Not this year. Not next year. Never. The former Packers fullback and assistant coach explains in his column why general manager Ted Thompson and the Packers should pass on trying to obtain the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver.

This past week I have been totally blown away by some of the thoughts of Packer fans in the media. For so long I have believed that Green Bay was different. I have always thought that not only about the Packers organization but the people that worshipped the Green and Gold and how they lived up to different standards. It's not just about winning and losing but how the game is played in Green Bay. Trust me there's a difference in getting a player that has made some mistakes because God knows we all have made mistakes. But to even think about bringing this cancer, Terrell Owens, into the place where Vince Lombardi stood and preached about INTEGRITY, PRIDE AND HONOR is totally ridiculous. Here's why!

Who on this team is a strong enough leader to put T.O. in his place when he becomes selfish and gets out of line? And let's not be so blinded by what he can do on the football field that we forget what he has done to two once great organizations. Do those that want him here think Brett Favre can or wants to control him? Brett isn't that type of leader and has never been. If he's not who would be?

Owens totally disrespected Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia. He even disrespected the best receiver in the game - Jerry Rice. So who do you think he will listen to on the Packers? Think he will listen to Nick Barnett, Nick Collins or maybe Donald Driver? Antonio Chatman? I'd say William Henderson, but William can't consistently get on the field because he is getting phased out, except on the kickoff team. Or he could just walk around the locker room with his head phones on and talk to no one. And what about the first time Mike Sherman tells him to do something that he doesn't think is in his best interest? Ever heard of biting the hand that feeds you? Do you think he hasn't done it before? Just ask Andy Reid or Steve Mariucci. What makes us think things will be different here?

That's just the locker room and dealing with the players and coaches. What about the circus that will come to town for the time he is here? How will Green Bay deal with it? Everywhere Owens has been there has been collateral damage. Don't those that want him here understand that Owens has to be the center of attention. Do you want to see a T.O. mug all over the place? We often talk about role models and athletes, so how are those of you that have children going to explain how T.O got here? Where do you start?

And for that idea of getting him after his suspension and seeing how he would work out … don't you think that he would be on his best behavior and do all the right things until it was time to get paid? I even heard someone say, "Get him then use him for trade bait." To who? For what? Who's going to give the "THE MOUTH" a bunch of money when they can sit back and get him without giving up a draft pick? Then ask yourself: Are the Packers not rebuilding and positioning to have some great draft picks for the future? Of course they are! How can you build a future with a madman? A time bomb ready to explode when he doesn't get his way? Just something to think about!

What about the loyalty to the others that are waiting in line for their next pay day. Even though Ryan Longwell isn't having a great year, will his pay day be put on hold to take care of T.O.'s contract? What if Ahman Green comes back and is healthy? What about his contract? Will he be kicked to the curb? And what about Brett Favre? What will that mean to his future? Do we think Brett will think better and make smarter decisions if he had T.O.? Or would he get caught up in the T.O. ratio like Daunte Culpepper got caught up in Randy Moss? Remember the Randy ratio? How did that help the Vikings? Remember what Ted Thompson said about free agency? Don't just get someone because the fans wanted action.

Ted, don't do it. Rebuild, don't destroy. Please remember promises have been made and broken. Don't let the emotion of the moment destroy the future of this franchise. T.O. is not Reggie White. When Reggie came it was a proud day to be a Green Bay Packer. Trust me, the fans hate losing but they can understand it as opposed to bringing the devil himself to the Tundra in disguise as T.O.


Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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