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Nearly everyone on panel going with the Falcons this week

Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 6-2
Falcons 30, Packers 10
Comment: The noise of the dome, the Packers' lack of weapons and the Falcons' speed are too much to handle.

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 5-3
Falcons 27, Packers 10
Comment: QB Michael Vick and the Falcons' running game should be the least of the Packers' worries. They need to figure out a way to put points on the board with non-descript offensive players against a good Falcons' defense in a loud dome.

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 5-3
Falcons 31, Packers 21
Comment: The Packers find themselves in yet another situation in which they will need to play error-free football to have any chance to win, and they'll have to do it in a loud, hostile dome. Besides chasing Michael Vick around the lot all day, they'll have to put the clamps on a solid running game led by Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett. The Falcons also figure to pressure Brett Favre heavily all afternoon and Favre won't be able to neutralize it with any kind of sustained running attack. And don't you think Falcons' defensive coordinator Ed Donatell is licking his chops to exact a little revenge on the team that let him go?

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-4
Falcons 30, Packers 17
Comment: Ed Donatell's defense is too much for Mike Sherman and Samkon Gado, while Michael Vick makes the Packers' defense feel sick. Furthermore, this loss will be the the eighth of the season, meaning Green Bay has to win its final seven games to prevent the Packers from having their first losing season since Brett Favre came to Green Bay in 1992. Yikes!

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-4
Falcons 31, Packers 14
Comment: The Falcons are just too much for the Packers.

Jeff Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 4-4
Falcons 38, Packers 10
Comment: I've come to realize that this team just won't turn the corner in 2005. My gut tells me for the first time this year the Packers defense will be exposed. It pains me to say, Packers don't have a chance.

Todd Korth, Managing Editor
Season prediction record: 3-5
Falcons 28, Packers 14
Comment: Mike Vick and the Falcons will be too much to handle for the mistake-prone Packers.

Jay Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 3-5
Falcons 27, Packers 14
Comment: Atlanta is very tough at home. The Packers are struggling on the road, which makes this an easy one for the Falcons.

W. Keith Roerdink, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-6
Falcons 24, Packers 16
Comment: The Packers will keep it close, but they just don't have the weapons to pull one out on the road. Or probably anywhere, for that matter.

John Lombardi, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-6
Packers 31, Falcons 28
Comment: The Mike Vick-led Falcons run all over the Packers defense, but Brett Favre shows young Mike what a real quarterback can do.

Bob Fox, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-6
Falcons 27, Packers 17
Comment: The Packers just don't match up well with the Falcons, plus the injury situation doesn't help. A lot of subplots here as well. Brett Favre returns to the place where his NFL career started. Favre and the offense will be trying to outsmart the Ed Donatell led Atlanta defense. This will be the Packers first game against the Falcons since Atlanta and Michael Vick gave the Packers their first ever home playoff loss in 2002.

Laura Veras Marran, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 1-7
Packers 17, Falcons 14
Comment: Even at 1-7 with the crown well out of reach, hope springs eternal. I am referring to my own record as a prognosticator, since I always pick the good guys, but I guess that could apply to the Packers as well.

Mark A. Wallenfang, Photographer
Season prediction record: 1-7
Packers 24, Falcons 23
Comment: OK, I'm sure everyone else is going with Atlanta on this one, but I smell the upset of the week. The Pack's defense is playing well with a true test this week with Dunn and Vick.

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