Torrance Marshall Q&A

Here's how second-year pro Torrance Marshall responded to questions from the media about his role as middle linebacker during the team's recent post-draft minicamp:<p>

Q: Are you ready to start at middle linebacker. Do you feel confident to handle that role?

Marshall: "I do. I feel confident. I just have to work hard and continue to learn as each day goes by."

Q: Do you expect the team to bring in any additional competition for you?

Marshall: "I'm not worried about it. I can only control what I can do. I don't let that bother me. I just go in each day and work hard in practice, study the film and do all the things, and do all the things, from my standpoint, of what I can do. Then let everything else take care of itself."

Q: Do you notice a difference between this year and last year, your rookie season, as far as knowing where you're supposed to be and so on?

Marshall: "I'm more comfortable than I was last year. There are a lot of things I'm more comfortable with."

Q: How much does it help the defense to have Gilbert Brown back?

Marshall: "I think it's good. He demands a double team. He's also a great leader and a great player, super veteran. I think it's good to have him around."

Q: Is it getting to a point where your instincts are taking over, allowing you to be a better player?

Marshall: "I think it is. Instincts are a big part of playing football. With me having a year under my belt and being able to run and just play football, I think it has helped me a lot."

Q: How much more responsibility is there at this level compared to college?

Marshall: "There's a lot more defenses we have to learn. There's a lot more things to learn about defense than in college."

Q: Have you stayed in Green Bay in the off-season?

Marshall: "Yes. I've been here since March."

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