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Fans loving Green Bay's win over Atlanta

Hard work pays off
Packers beat Atlanta … wow! Of course, none of the analysts thought we'd do it, the numbers were stacked against us and gee, why bother play the game? BUT the Packers showed resilience, played four quarters of football and played like a team that's 7-1 and not 1-7. That's the great thing about the Pack, no matter how things are stacked against them, they don't give up, they play hard and it paid off this past week.

Whether that be the last win of the season, or the beginning of a series of wins, I'll keep on watching, cheering and loving our Pack! GO PACKERS!
Mary Trinko, Lima, Ohio

Gato power,
Samkon Gato is the man! Mr. Gato is Mr. Go to. His powerful, crashing running style reminds me of John Brockington. He has incredible leg strength combined with a low center of gravity. This guy will put fear into every opposing defensive line. He really opens up the passing game for Brett. Whoever found this guy deserves a steak dinner at Outback!

There is hope for the season! Go Pack!
Mike Gleason, Welch, Minn.

Fun, fun, fun!,
What a fun a game to watch, got to love a win. Just wanted to note a good game after so many close ones. The Pack really looked together as a team playing hard. Thank you!
Kathy Stanberry, Columbus, Wis.

Keep it going, Packers!
Dear Todd,
I was able to see the game in North Carolina. Just happened to be bowling that night! And what I saw looked good, not great, but good! Yes the Packers are still rusty in a lot of areas. Brett's INT, some fumbles, a missed snap from center on a FG attempt that Longwell could have made! This is the reason why I say what I say. I study EVERY Packer game, it doesn't matter what I see highlights or on the computer, I listen to Brett A True Leader and he finds a way to win no matter what!

I listen to the coaches, who 50% of the time are lost themselves in the thick of things! I read comments from other fans on what they thought of the games, blaming Brett and he is done, about a 1-7 team, My Team, and just how bad they are! WELL they sure looked good in Atlanta! Longwell did his job, Gado did his job, yes the former practice squad player who has found himself in a starting role gaining a respectable 103 yards. DON DRIVER ON A MISSION TO GAIN MORE YARDS AND HELP BRETT!

Now the #1 question: CAN the Packers win the rest!? YES, they can, and go 9 wins, 7 losses! I know everyone must think the Packers are done for this season! BUT I don't, and that's why I keep saying, EVERYONE MUST BE READY TO PLAY! Brett you got what it takes, just keep doing it! EVERYONE MUST DO THEIR JOB! And think of it! Think Hard! Even N.F.L. so called experts who get Paid Big Bucks and don't know what there talking about! The Packers WILL have a playoff spot! Not a great one, but they will!

Keep working HARD guys, you CAN pull this off one way or another! Brett who cares how old you are, you got PLENTY of gas left in the tank! Be the leader, be the coach, be there for your fans, and last but not least, be there for YOUR TEAM for at least another 2 years! PLEASE!
Tom (

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