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All pundits going with the Packers to beat Vikings

Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 6-3
Packers 20, Vikings 17
Comment: The Vikings are 2-0 with Brad Johnson as the starter. Talk about deceiving. Last week against the Giants, the defense and special teams scored their three touchdowns. The Vikings are lost without Daunte Culpepper and still haven't figured out how to play without Randy Moss. At least the Packers have adjusted to the losses of their big guns.

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 5-4
Packers 24, Vikings 13
Comment: The Vikings are not as good as their 4-5 record indicates, but then again the Packers have not been that good either. Effort alone, though, and the Monday night atmosphere will get it done.

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 5-4
Packers 27, Vikings 17
Comment: Picking NFL games is such a crapshoot, but I'm going with the Packers this week for several reasons. First, they're coming off their best performance of the season with their victory over the Falcons. Running, passing, strong defense and essentially solid special teams play - Green Bay displayed it all last week against a solid team on the road and they've got some momentum. Second, it's payback time for their improbable loss to the Vikings in Minnesota last month. Finally, I look for the Packers to slowly start rebuilding their Lambeau Field advantage which has been non-existent in recent memory. What better way to begin the rebuilding process than with a victory over the hated Vikings?

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-5
Packers 27, Vikings 22
Comment: How in the world will the Vikings stop Samkon Gado?! Bottom line here is the Packers, despite a 2-7 record, have been competitive. With the Vikings, you're not sure from week to week. Therefore, I put my trust in Samkon to run over the Vikings.

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-5
Packers 24, Vikings 21
Comment: I believe the Packers will win because I don't think the Vikings can score on the Pack's defense consistently. I also think the Packers figured out how to play offense.

Jeff Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 4-5
Packers 34, Vikings 21
Comment: I would drink gasoline and pee on a brush fire before I'd EVER pick the Vikings to beat the Pack at home on Monday Night Football. Regardless of both team's records, many feel like the NFC Norris is still up for grabs and the Packers offense is starting to tick. In addition Jim Bates has the defense flying around. Lambeau will be electric and Old Man Winter will play a role. I look for the Packers to jump on the Vikings early like the last meeting, only this time I hope Mr. Nice-Guy Mike Sherman puts the foot on the throat of the Vikings until the clock reads 00:00.

Todd Korth, Managing Editor
Season prediction record: 3-6
Packers 24, Vikings 10
Comment: The Packers-Vikings series has been very entertaining in recent years. Six of the last seven games, including postseason, have been decided by five points or less. However, without Daunte Culpepper, the Vikings are not the same. The Packers are playing well and the Vikings don't usually play well outdoors. I smell an easy win for the Packers.

Jay Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 3-6
Packers 28, Vikings 20
Comment: Pack gets a little momentum with a second straight win.

John Lombardi, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 3-6
Packers 28, Vikings 10
Comment: The Vikings showed no offensive firepower last week versus the Giants and only won it because of Eli Manning's ineffectivness and superior special teams play. The Packer defense is playing very well and should hold the Vikes in check. Brett Favre and offense will capitalize on Viking mistakes to win this one going away.

W. Keith Roerdink, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-7
Packers 23, Vikings 20
Comment: The defense is clicking, Gado's got the running game in gear and Favre to Driver looks tough to stop. Here's hoping a big win on the road was a sign of things to come and not the law of averages kicking in.

Bob Fox, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-7
Packers 31, Vikings 14
Comment: The Packers are looking to continue the momentum they generated in the Atlanta game. Brett Favre always plays well on Monday night and a victory would mean a lot. The Packers can not afford to lose anymore divisional games and they owe the Vikings after that painful 23-20 loss at the Metrodome. Look for Viking QB Brad Johnson to get his uniform dirty quite often as the Packers will try to start a modest two game winning streak.

Laura Veras Marran, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-7
Packers 27, Vikings 20
Comment: My unfounded Packer optimism continues. Here's hoping that Samkon Gado's unlikely legend will grow on the Monday night stage thanks to Minnesota's porous run defense.

Mark A. Wallenfang, Photographer
Season prediction record: 2-7
Packers 35, Vikings 17
Comment: The Pack is at home and Vikings can't win two in a row on the road.

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