Reaction to the Action

E-mails received after Green Bay's 20-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings Monday night at Lambeau Field:

Reality check: It's over!
I think its time for all Packer Fans to take a collective breath ... and realize that this season has been over for about a month. Now everyone exhale and repeat after me. It ... is ... over!

After four losses already at home, eight losses already this season, and probably four more losses down the road ... NEWS FLASH! ... ITS OVER!

The streak of 13 straight winning seasons is over. The streak of three straight NFC North titles is over. I can only hope and pray to God that Stupid Sherman & Co are over too!

Once again the team plays pretty good in the first half, then falters in the second, and loses again! ... To the Vikings again!

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY will ever say that Mike Tice is a real good Head Coach. Yet, he has managed to beat M.S. both times this year! I'm not sure what the fans in Wisconsin are seeing, and they probably see most everything thru Green & Gold glasses, but from my vantage point, I see a team sliding directly downhill, slowly and painfully. It is a pity to see this happening, but the truth is hard to hide from.

Reality check. There are NO good teams in the NFL that are 2-8. If the Packer Fans can't or won't see this, then what makes you think that the Packer Organization are gonna see it, and start making some big time changes in personal, and especially in the coaching staff?Sorry, but the track record for futility has been set by this same organization between 1973 and 1993 with only one playoff appearence (82) in a 20 year span . Every year was like the last, lose lose lose, yet the Glory Days seemed just like yesterday. It's time for the Pack to start building for the future, before they get stuck in the past ... again!!
Gary Allen,

Dump Sherman, staff into lake,
I don't want to hear about excuses, injuries or coulda, shoulda, woulda. Come on, against Brad Johnson and the Vikes? Gimme a break!

It's time for Sherman to go and for us to get some good players on our team to rally around Brett and make it happen. This dry spell has got to stop. Give Sherman and his fellow coaches a shove into Lake Michigan. Let's go Pack!

Lifetime member ready for some action and not just words.
Erik Hass, Seattle, WA (Home of the winning Seahawks - coached by Mike Holmgren a former great Packer coach)

Enough already!
Just another manic Monday! I thought we saw this Vikings/Packer game already ... the score was 23-20 that time. PLEASE let this season be over!

Offense too predictable,
Even though we lost the game Monday night, I continue to support our Packers! I'll go to work today and swallow hard, but with my head up high. I knew the game would be good. I knew it would be close, but I really thought we'd finish on top! Our receivers weren't catching the ball, and when they did, they weren't hanging on to the ball! I still say, let Favre throw that ball! Not these little passes, let him throw the ball! First play of the game, throw the ball downfield, no one is ever expecting that. They are expecting the run!

Let's mix up the plays, not rely on one individual who had a great game last week, anyone knows the opposing team is watching that film and will key on that player. Don't lose hope Pack!! Keep fighting for that next win, I know I'll still be watching, cheering and loving the Packers!
Mary Trinko, Lima, Ohio

Not giving up on Pack now
It would be a prefect world if the receivers would catch the balls thrown to them, and if the defense would stay for the whole game, but I still love the Packers and always will support them in good years and in bad.
Kathy Stanberry, Columbus, WI

My Team always has a chance
Dear Todd,
As you know the game was on here in North Carolina, and what I saw of it My Team looked great for two quarters! Then after that My Team looked lost in the thick of things.

Anyway I'm very proud to be a Packer fan and I will continue to cheer them on until the end of my life, which I hope will last for another 35 years!

I think that injuries played a HUGE role in My Team's fate! Even then, I still have high hopes! Maybe people think I'm nuts maybe, or maybe not! but I'm still a Packer Backer! I know the #1 question is: 'Can they win the rest of the games?

Gut feeling is, yes they can! The season is NOT over. Many questions have been sent to me about the COLTS! What do I care about the COLTS? I'm a Packer Backer. I care about My Team! Even these stupid NFL experts before the season started had no respect for My Team! Anyone heard the old story: "You Must Play the Games First? Then the silly statement about Brett moving on to another team is so stupid it's not funny! Brett will NOT go out a loser! Put that in print!

I'll say one thing: The third string and bench players did everything they could to keep the Packers in games! My Team should have won! Losing by 1, 2, 3, 7 points at a shot, with Brett on My Team I have high hopes all year. How many times have we seen that before!? The two wins, eight losses should be six wins and four losses! But nobody looks at that part. I know this!

OK, Mike Sherman may be done for! Head Coaches looking lost doesn't help things! Another question will pop up about free agents and the draft! Yes My Team MUST DO A BETTER JOB AT THIS! In every department, from the top all the way down to the water boy!

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