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Many feel poor decisions, play-calling main reasons to fire Sherman

Packers need a new coach
Where is the halfback pass? Where is the fake field goal? Where is the go for two to win? We probably won't even blitz Chicago's terrible quarterback. And punting from their 40? We have not done anything to try to turn it around. Mike Sherman has to go, Ted Thompson should get no credit for having a good draft this year without being held responsible for this terrible season. Injuries or not, a great coach would have won half of the close games.
Adam Coyle, (info@generatorfacts.com), Madison, WI

Comes down to coaching
Hi Todd,
Do we "stick a fork in them, they're done" or pick them apart? They blew another game. That's seven of the eight losses that were give-aways. Coaching? Well let's look. Coach Madden observed the Viking O-line lining up to close to afford the running back room to run up the middle. And that was true. Each time the back was stopped. Then the back would bounce outside, mostly left, and run for 5, 10, even 24 yards before being stopped. What were our the coaches in the booth doing? Couldn't they see the same thing? Couldn't they have told the Defensive Coordinator about it and make some adjustments? Or is the DC unable to take advice? Seems that coaching is big factor in the play of the Packers. Of course, they don't play the game. Dropped passes, poor tackling, and poor play calling helps their demise. There were times the defense seemed unsure of its position and were not ready when the play began.

Again I say, the receivers don't run good routes. They try to out-run the defender and cannot, and certainly do not, get open. Coaching. One could read the disgust on Brett's face and I don't blame him. He is still number one.
Carl Nordquist, (carmar@windomnet.com), Windom, MN

Sherman's gotta go!
Time for Mike Sherman to be released. I have seen the same decisions made which have resulted in losses for a few years now. Giving up on the running game way too early in particular - even when Ahman Green was healthy. This happened again against Minnesota. Only 14 rushes? How is this expected to keep a defense honest? This also puts more pressure on Brett Favre to perform. The last drive which resulted in a field goal is a perfect example. Also, for a few years, there has been a lack of discipline via penalties. Also, a good team shows up for one half and a bad team shows up for the other half which can be interpreted as lack of gung-ho motivation from coaches. Finally, losing leads in games and then losing games. Mike Sherman is a good coach but he is not an excellent coach. Time to find someone else. Always have been a Packers fan - always will be.
Joseph Hajny, (wordman4657@yahoo.com), Washington, IL

Packers' offense hurt defense
Dear Todd:
Your subject lead item 11/22 is surprisingly unfair and misleading, and not up to your usual standards. Granted, the Packers' defense tired in the second half against the Vikings; what defense wouldn't after spending so much time on the field. The Packer defense wasn't beaten by the Vikings offense; it was beaten by the Packers' offense. By whatever stat you prefer (e.g., run yardage; number of first downs; 3rd down conversion %; uncapitalized takeaways; number of punts; interceptions; time of possession; etc.), this loss to the Vikings gets hung squarely on the Packer offense.

Given what he's working with, Jim Bates' defense has done an outstanding job holding opponents to an average of 20.4 points over 10 games. He and the defense deserve better than a 2 and 8 record. The offense, on the other hand, is another matter.

The Packers now have six games left in which to plan and prepare for the next draft and season. I hope they make good use of the time.
Denny Waldera, (dpwaldera@earthlink.net), Alamo, CA

Wanted: A good receiver, besides Driver
Dear Santa,
Please, please, please send Brett a receiver or two that can actually catch a pass!

Holy Christmas! Why is the best quarterback of our generation cursed with butterfingered wideouts? Even if Thurman catches just that one pass in the 4th quarter, we win the game.

Every opponent knows that Brett is lucky if he has even one go-to guy, so they key on him and hope for a pic. I'd even make a donation if that what it takes to have management consider putting some dependable talent on the other end of Favre's passes.

Oh well, GO PACK GO!
P.J. Moore, (stonewall08029@yahoo.com, a lifelong Packers fan), Georgetown, IN

Sydney makes impact in his column
I just read your Youth Movement article of Nov. 18, and thought it was time to give you some positive feedback on your writing style.
Most writers simply regurgitate the same-old platitudes, and tell you what you already know.

You have an innate ability to say something of impact! In a short paragraph on each player in "Youth Movement," you gave us valuable information about their contributions; their skills, their future, and insight about them as people. There are some sportswriters who can't say as much about each of those players, given a feature article to work with for each one!

You have a gift for cutting through the trite and the mundane.

Wells, Whitticker, Cole, Manning, etc. are guys I'll pay more attention, and not just as long as they are Packers. A guy like Gado ... well you just know his playing career will be a small part of his overall success in life. Thanks for bringing them to life for us.

I'm sure you have future plans that will take you beyond Scout.com in the communications industry. I'd suggest that you keep stories like this in mind when preparing your portfolio and resume for future career opportunities. You definitely have the talent to be a fine sportswriter. You can utilize these stories to differentiate yourself from being perceived as just another "want-to-be" writer.

This is not the first time I've appreciated one of your articles, just the first time I decided to comment about it and say.... thanks!

Brevity with impact! What a concept, Harry!
Ed Quarnstrom, edquarnstrom@msn.com

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