Packer memorbilia

Green Bay Packers schedules are very challenging and fun to collect. Schedules can be found on a huge variety of items including tokens, lighters, posters, glasses, rulers, pens, pencils, business cards, coin purses, glasses, calendars, etc. Schedules from the 1920s-1950's are getting difficult to find.<p>

Many local companies used schedules to advertise there products or services. Some of the schedules are what is called a cross collectible. That means an item can be collected by more than one group of collectors. An example is a pencil that has a Packers schedule on it may be collected by both Packers collectors and pencil collectors.

Schedules range in value from a few cents for newer pocket ones to over $100.00 for older rare and more desirable ones. As with all collectibles, condition is very important in determining a schedules value.


Schedules from championship years have more value. Photographs of players and teams will also increase a schedules value


Schedules that can be easily displayed are more sought after.


A large 24" x 32" poster schedule from 1962 with photographs of several players from a local bank. The schedule was in good condition and valued at $300.

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