Packers-Eagles: Quotebook

Quotes from Packers, Eagles players and coaches

Green Bay Packers head coach Brett Favre
On Brett Favre's decision-making on his final pass attempt that resulted in an interception:
"I don't know what he saw. I couldn't see from his vantage point what he saw and what opportunities he had. I know [Jevon] Kearse had quick pressure, but we were able to corral him and get outside of him. I can't really tell you until I look at the tape because I don't know what he was seeing. Obviously he saw the immediate pressure, and he got around it."

On Packer turnovers at crucial times in the game:
"Certainly when you turn the ball over on the kickoff return unit….they're all [turnovers] costly. On kickoff return, because of where you turn the ball over usually, it allows an automatic field goal unless you have a great return, which we have not yet been able to do this year. To turn the ball over on that part of the field on that team is obviously costly. As it was, I thought our defense responded pretty well here at the end. They stood up and forced a field goal. I felt like we had a chance in our two-minute offense to move the ball down the field, but that didn't happen."

On the play of running back Samkon Gado:
"I hate to evaluate a player without having access to going back to look at the tape. I call the play, see the beginning of the play, watch the end of the play, and then my eyes are back down onto the next play. I will do a better job of evaluating that when I watch the tape. I saw him make some plays. I thought maybe he bounced one or two outside that he should have kept inside, but I don't know what he was seeing. Until you know what he's seeing, whether it's the quarterback or the running back, you can't tell that unless you're on the field with them or you're watching the tape. So, I'll hold judgment until I watch the tape on him."

On the effect that Packer injuries have had on the play of Brett Favre:
"Obviously it's difficult. It's difficult on me, and it's difficult on him. Certainly familiarity is a part of good offensive football. Like today, we ran a key pass for William Henderson who would have normally been in there but he was out with a concussion. We threw it to somebody who isn't quite what William is in regard to catching the football, and I thought that was a key drop. We need to catch that to keep that drive going. We had another drive going and then we fumbled the football. That part has been very frustrating. As far as familiarity with the offense and everybody being on the same page, we had great practices last week, but when you lose a couple of guys in the game, it gets a little bit difficult if you're the quarterback."

On why the Packers have not been able to get over the hump in close games:
"I think it's pretty obvious. If you turn the ball over as many times as we did today, I don't care if you're the 1996 Super Bowl team, you don't win this game. You can't turn the ball over to the degree we turned it over today and expect to win the football game. We fought like hell today to get back into the game. We got back into the game and we got the lead. I even thought that once we got the kickoff return, we were ready to go, but unfortunately we gave the ball back to Philadelphia for chip shots [field goals]. I think it's pretty self-evident as to why we didn't win the game today."

Quarterback Brett Favre
On what he saw on that last interception:
"I was trying to make a play. [WR Robert] Ferguson was running deep, and I just tried to take a shot."

On whether he questions his ability to bring the team back in a game like he use to:
"No. I thought we would do it again tonight. I thought that we would do it for just about every game we have played this year, but it just hasn't worked out for whatever reason."

On how frustrating this game and the season has been for him:
"It's no different than last week or the week before when we had a chance to win the game. And at times during the game, I thought we had it, but we found a way to let it slip away. Give credit to Philadelphia. In some ways, they are going through what we're going through with injuries and problems. We've had a chance to win every game. We've only won two of them, and that's very frustrating."

On what he was looking for on that last interception:
"I was looking for a touchdown. Ferguson was running deep. I was trying to make a play."

On whether they have any other goals they have other than winning the next game:
"I can't speak for the other guys. Not being in this situation before, it's hard to have a game plan, so to speak. As I said Wednesday (23rd) in my press conference, as an individual player the only thing you can play for and the only thing you should play for is to be the best regardless of the situation. If you're in the pre-season, post-season, regular season, playoffs, you have a chance for the playoffs, or you're out of it, you should still want to be the best on the field. I don't see how you can step out on the field and not care, at any point. And tonight for example, I wanted to win that game as bad as I wanted to win in two years in the playoffs here. If win the game it probably doesn't put us any closer to the playoffs than if we lose it. But, just the fact that we're able to put a uniform on and go out there, you should want to be the best. We're not going to make the playoffs, that's obvious, but there are a lot of guys that are competing for jobs for next year. So, if they don't pick it up then they'll be out of a job."

On whether there is hope in turning things around for next season:
"Well, I think so. I think in today's game you can make a huge turn around very quickly. With the free agent market as it is today and players changing teams yearly, you can put together a team quickly and be competitive. So sure, there can be a quick turnaround, but it's hard to think that far into the future with what's going on now. In some ways, I think some people are thinking that way already, but I don't have many of those left. So, I'm just trying to make it through this season."

On whether he has plans for next year:
"No, I haven't even thought about it yet. I shouldn't say that. I have thought about it. Just because we're 2-9 it really hasn't swayed my decision one way or another dramatically. I kind of had a feeling, going into this season, 3 weeks into it , 6 weeks into it, but it is what it is. It doesn't change the way I compete. I won't make a decision based on the fact that we're 2-9 at this point."

Eagles head coach Andy Reid
Opening remarks:
"It was good to all three phases of the game contribute. Do we have room to improve? Absolutely. We did some better things. The positives were; I thought we ran the ball well, [RB]Brian [Westbrook] rushed for over 100 yards, our O-line was doing a good job. They had a big challenge in there that's a pretty good defensive front. To come out and be able to put together 100 yard plus game is a tribute to those big guys. The defense was very strong in the second half. They actually pitched a shutout in the second half. They did a nice job there. The special teams gave us 10 points there. They contributed big in this game."

On the performance of the offensive line:
"They did a nice job. [Offensive line coach] Juan [Castillo] had a nice plan for the run game. Juan does a great job with those guys teaching them. It's a tribute to his hard work and the player's hard work."

On whether there was anything in particular the Eagles tried to exploit in the Packers defense:
"No, not necessarily."

On how much the win means to the team from a confidence stand point:
"I told the team, ‘It's been a while since we won a game.' It's a good feeling to get back there against a good football team."

On the decision to activate RB Ryan Moats:
"Each week we work him. Bill Shuey has taken Ryan on as his project to get him more comfortable with the offense. We had roster spots, we could make a move and get him up due to some of the injuries. It was his time to get in there and given him the opportunity. Like I said; he was a little more comfortable then he has been in the past."

Eagles quarterback Mike McMahon
On getting a victory
"It feels good to get a win. We didn't have a great offensive day, but we just kept on fighting through it. (Brian) Westbrook did a heck of a job on the ground today and found a way. The defense did a great job. Of course, we'd like to get touchdowns instead of field goals, but Dave (Akers) came through big for us today too."

On the offensive line's performance:
"They did a solid job. I think we had a sackless game. The one they counted was a quarterback draw. I think they did a great job as far as that. A couple of times early on, we couldn't get into a rhythm. We were shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of penalties. We've just got to iron all that out and get points earlier on the board. Again, our defense did a great job of holding Green Bay out of the end zone."

On the Eagles special teams' performance:
"They did a great job. We had a forced fumble on there. They gave great field position, especially early in the game. That's one thing I would've liked to have done was get 7 instead of 3 on that first drive, but you can't really worry about that stuff. You just have to keep fighting through it. The main thing is getting into a rhythm. We've got to get into a rhythm earlier on."

On the Eagles' running game:
"Westbrook did a great job, and then Ryan Moats came in and ran the ball very nicely a couple of times. He had that one off to the right side. When things aren't going your way in the passing game, you've got go to the run game. They did a great job on that. The linemen did a great job run blocking all day as well."

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