Reaction to the Action

Opinions from Packers fans in wake of latest loss

Team has to remain united,
I am thinking there must be a lot of angry Packer fans, but I look at it this way: We as a team must stick together and know we can only go up and improve on what we need to. There is always next year, take this year as a learning year.
Kathy, (, Columbus, WI

It's not all on the coaches,
I would hope that the Packer organization and the fans realize that there's not a coach on the face of this earth that can get 3rd string players to play like veterans in one season ... much less a few short weeks when the injury list continues to grow and they're suddenly called from the practice squad to the starting line-up!

Favre not using his head
Thank you for your honest, straight forward assessment of Brett Favre's questionable decision making concerning many of his passes this season. While others continue to defy Favre, blame his receivers, and live in denial, you have hit the nail on the head as to why the Packers are 2-9 this season. Sure, Brett has tons of talent, but this year he's not playing smart.

Thank you for your courage to speak the truth!
Ken Parrish, (, Lynchburg, VA

Going the wrong way
If this is a team headed in the right direction, then I would like to know what the wrong direction looks like. If you like slow starts, 1 and 4, no home field advantage, and late season prayers to reach a respectable level, then I think this is the coaching staff of the future.

I personally would at least like to watch the Pack with a new list of excuses ... that would at least indicate that there is a chance for hope.

If this is now acceptable, Vince is rolling over in his grave continually. I know there is no easy fix, but I hope the effort is made to at least look like you want another championship . I do see some players hustling out there but the team does not believe deep down inside, that they can overcome their own mistakes. The two Bears games could be ugly I'm afraid. Lovie has those boys believing, in only his second year. Well, I guess you are either rooting for the championship or rooting for the first draft pick. No one roots for mediocrity do they?

Better luck next year. Go Packers!!!
Craig Schlomer, (, Mount Laurel, N.J.

How about finishing a game?
Although I didn't get the game here, I kept watching the box scores and checking the computer on the play-by-play - what happened? I don't understand why we cannot hold on to a lead. Why our running backs cannot hang on to the ball, why can't our receivers catch the ball? And, how can we have such bad luck on special teams?!

Come on Pack. I'll keep cheering you on and hoping for the best each and every game, but you've got to finish the game! During the highlights on ESPN, I actually saw emotion on Sherman's face, now take the emotion and work it Sherman. The Pack CAN beat the Bears. Just show up and play four quarters of football!! GO PACKERS!
Mary Trinko, Lima, OH

I've heard reports that Sherman is so upset about Gado's fumbles. On one side I can understand this, turnovers are extremely costly, especially this year. Thank You ESPN for reminding us that he IS EXTREMELY RAW in the NFL.

Please print his stats to accompany this letter to show his 3 weeks in the N.F.L. He has been asked to carry even MORE than A. Green has in the last year. (PER PLAY PERCENTAGE) Then ask why he has several fumbles (he has a target on his back). Sadly this year our only threats are Brett (4-ever) and newcomer S. Gado.

Gado, Have faith! I have faith in you.
Shirley Heckman, (, Superior, WI

Should've kept Holmgren
Mike Sherman and Bob Harlan,
Well, I think we know Ron Wolf made a grave mistake in not trying to keep Mike Holmgren in GB. And I think we have seen the worst coaching ability since Infante.

I will tell you one thing - Brett should retire since he is working for a bunch of egotisticle morons. Not one of the aforemetioned persons in the decision-making department have a clue as to what the hell they are doing. Sherman needs to go. It is very obvious he knows nothing about coaching or play-calling. Even the hot dog vendor knows what the play is, so how obvious is to the defense.

We only kept Rhodes one season and he was 8 for 8. Why has this man kept his job with as much talent he has had and cannot bring it togerther. This magazine made changes for the finacially better even though now its only published once a month instead of weekly and in magazine form instead of newspaper form. The powers to be think they are making good decisions. Well, I for one am not inpressed. Yes, I am a owner, and yes I come to GB every year to spend thousands of dollars on the Pack paraphanelia, just like most fans. But it sickens me that all of you can't see the writing on the wall. Even Ray Nitschke had the intelligence to realize Mike H. was a good choice and we should not have let him go.

Bottom line - start at the top and go till you get the right people in the front office and the coaching staff. Enough of excuses. America loves the Pack, and America loves a WINNER. We should be able to have both, with consistency. I will always bleed green and gold, but lets do something before its tragically to late.
Ray J. Gloyd, (

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