Sydney Speaks! Enough blame to go around

This has been a long season, nothing like anyone ever expected. The Packers have had injuries and used excuses to justify getting beat week after week. They have made excuses after excuses for the things that we have seen as fans. Turnovers, penalties, bad coaching decisions as well as players that just aren't good enough to play at this level are all part of the problem. And unfortunately the Packers played a team in Philly that was worse off than them and still GOT BEAT. Here's the breakdown:

As usual Mike Sherman made some bonehead moves, but these are the moves I've gotten accustomed to. Such as in the first quarter the Eagles got a penalty on an illegal shift and the Packers declined the penalty, which would have pushed the Eagles back another five yards. This would have made David Akers' field goal attempt 49 yards. In a field position game five yards are big especially against a Philly's team that was also struggling on offense.

Then you have a running back such as Samkon Gado who is running like he's scared to fumble. He gets more than 100 yards in the first half, so why would you change the offensive line the second half?!! The other problem I have is if as a coach you don't allow ReShard Lee to play running back because you don't trust him with the ball, why in the world would you let him be your return specialist? Am I missing something because if he fumbles on a return he puts the defense with its backs to the wall and gets the crowd into the game. This causes you to have an uphill battle and have to play catch-up.

Isn't part of coaching knowing your players? Tony Fisher is a third down back – period. Why try to make him a starter? He is what he is. The last several weeks I have talked about the different areas in coaching and, believe me, it makes no difference whether Sherman goes or stays because I don't sign his check and he doesn't sign mine. But when you lose this many games by such a small margin, where does the buck stop?

Let's talk about the good and that's Gado. He's a feel good story that keeps playing hard. Yes, he put the ball on the ground which in any other situation would cause him to not see the field. He runs hard and tough and tries to protect the ball with both arms. He almost runs scared at times because he's running trying to run hard but not fumble at the same time. As a former running back that's so hard to do, but this is his second 100-yard game.

Also the offensive line did a pretty good job run-blocking the first half and giving Brett Favre protection to throw regardless of who he was throwing it to. Which leads me to Brett Favre. Are you kidding me? A passer rating of 46.4 and yet the Green Bay Packers are worrying about hurting Brett's feelings by asking him to give up some of his playing time to see what Aaron Rodgers can do. I know some fans think Brett gives us the best opportunity to win, but to those fans I say WAKE UP! The Packers are 2-9 with Brett and he has just as many interceptions as touchdowns. Also what was that throw at the end of the game? Most smart quarterbacks throw the HAIL MARY on the last play of the game, not on second down and 15 with roughly 1 minute to go. Yes, there were some drops by receivers. The one that comes to mind is when Donald Driver extended himself for the ball, but do you think maybe he thought about Bubba Franks and how Brett led him into Dawkins when Brett had the whole sideline to work with? MAYBE, MAYBE NOT!!!!

Like I have said before we are only as good as our last performance. I'm a football guy. I call it the way I see it and what I have seen this year from Favre reminds me of when I used to watch Michael Jordan and realized he just wasn't the same any more. It hurt me but I had to deal with the reality of the that fact. Can you?

As usual Aaron Kampman is the man. His level of play has been outstanding, and in my eyes, is the MVP of the defense hands down. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila was a bust against the Eagles. A rookie named Todd Heremans basically shut him down. Understand that a no-named rookie took the Packers supposed pass rush million-dollar man and held him in check.

Nick Barnett had an opportunity to make some big plays. He was left grasping at air on one, and the other someone needs to ask him what was the number of the Philly linemen that ran him over and left his knee print in his chest. We normally call it a pancake block when an offensive lineman puts you on your back and has you looking up at the sky hoping the film erased at that moment.

Let's give credit when credit is due. Ahmad Carroll did a good job in coverage for most of the game. The defense did a good job of bending and not breaking. It only gave up one touchdown and four field goals despite five Packers turnovers. To me that's a good day!

Antonio Chatman finally had a good punt return, but besides that the special teams is a joke. Simple as that. The kickoff return team stinks - period. And to have Grey Ruegamer setting the wedge … he's a stiff offensive lineman. How's he going to hit a moving target?

As for the returners I once was calling to bring Andrae Thurman back because I thought he had something, but I was wrong. He brings nothing to the table except another fumbler!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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