Sydney Speaks! Loyalty and turmoil for fans

Week after week, I as well as many others write about the Green Bay Packers and all the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I see. I tell the truth about what I know about football and this team. Some agree and some disagree. We all can be looking at the same thing and see it a million different ways and that's what makes the Green Bay Packer fans something special.

As I think about what the Packer fans must be going through right now I start to try to understand your pain. There was a long time where the Packer fan cheered and stood out in the frozen cold watching teams lose. Winning became a distant memory, having to go back to the Bart Starr days and Super Bowl II in 1968 to remember what winning was really about. But during this time the fans never walked away. You still couldn't find an empty seat in the house. Fans never wavered even when they could have they didn't. It was a long time between Super Bowl appearances. Yes, they did have some good seasons between Super Bowl II and Super Bowl XXXI such as 1972 when they won the NFC Central Division. John Brockington rushed for more than 1,000 yds and they were lead by Scott Hunter at quarterback. The Packers also had great individual efforts and years such as 1989, the year that put Don Majkowski into the Packer Hall of Fame.

But the Packers had more awful than good seasons with several .500 seasons sprinkled in there as well. But the point is - the PACKER FAN ENDURED.

Then in 1996 things paid off. Another Super Bowl was brought back to Green Bay after the season. Brett Favre, Reggie White, Gilbert Brown and others finally made all the aches and pains of being Packer fans worth it again. The Cheesehead was worn again with pride because football is about winning. And their is nothing better than being fans of winners!

Trust me I think about the turmoil the loyal Packer fan must be going through right now. I see confusion by holding on to the past hoping that time might stand still, but it won't. I see fans wanting to believe so badly that reality escapes them but then again that's what makes the Packer fans special. An example of this is the play of the guy we all love and respect, and that's Brett Favre. Look at what he has done this year. The Packers are 2-9 and he has thrown just as many interceptions as touchdowns. The number is 19-19 and everyone still believes that he can just get it done. Ask yourself: What did you do when he threw up the "Hail Mary" on second down against Philly with roughly a minute left in the game? Did you say great job Brett or did you ask yourself, what the heck was he doing? Be honest with yourself now. Then ask yourself what would you have said if it was David Carr of the Houston Texans or Kyle Orton of the Bears. Wouldn't you have said what a stupid rookie mistake? But then again Brett isn't a rookie, he is a three-time MVP. I also understand the excitement the fans must feel as the Packers get behind and the offense comes onto the field as we all prepare for one of those great fourth quarter comebacks led by Brett. But here's the problem: It hasn't happened since 2002.

Then as a fan you might be asking yourself who owes what to whom? Does Brett owe the organization a timetable on his plans on retirement so that the organization can plan for the future, or has Brett earned the right to control the organization's future? What I mean by this is do you suppose the Packers would have drafted Aaron Rodgers if they thought Brett was going to stick around, or would they have maybe gotten someone else with that first pick? Enough about Brett because this is about the loyalty of the fans and the turmoil you must be going through!

Then there is Mike Sherman who has done nothing but win football games. He was endorsed by Ron Wolf the guy that restored the Packers to greatness along with Sherman's mentor Mike Holmgren. As loyal fans you must be asking yourself do you like the direction this team is going, but it's not an easy answer. You must ask yourself is it because this team has had injuries and lost some key players and that's the reason this team is 2-9. Also are the Packers 2-9 because of youth and inexperience or are they 2-9 because of bad clock management, inability to make game time adjustments and just bad coaching. Also you as a loyal fan must ask yourself why have the Packers done so good before this year in regular season and been so bad in the playoffs?

As loyal fans sometimes we can't see but then again is it we can't see or we don't want to see. Even with all that said I believe the Green Bay Packer fans are the best in the world, and the Packer organization is lucky to have your loyalty, regardless of all the turmoil!

Also to those that take time to write me I thank you because I do enjoy your feedback!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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