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Some fans feel Favre should retire

Management to blame for Packers' woes
Dear Todd,
Despite the Packers improving slowly over the course of the season they still look like a mediocre football team not firing on all cylinders. A couple of dropped passes, an interception, a missed call by the referees, and they are trying to dig themselves out of a Wisconsin snowdrift.

The fault is with management, from the field to the front office. No coach can be general manager and be an effective coach. Sherman wasn't much of a coach and he is worse as GM.

Despite advance knowledge of the loss of free agents such as Marco Rivera, management did nothing to replace them that is worthy of note. This new president, Thompson, is apparently still trying to find the executive men's room rather than paying attention to his duties.

The time has come to dump Sherman and hire Mooch who was let go by the Lions. Mariucci is one whale of a coach who did wonders with little to work with except a good quarterback in San Fransico. He could help the Packers get Favre's head back on straight.

When the history of the Packers is written it will show they had the best quarterback in football for 15 years and it was the petty bickering of management and its blundering which lost Holmgren, hired Ray Rhodes, and gave Sherman a meal ticket to the big leagues while missing out on the 5 or 6 Super Bowl appearances they should have had.

Having a bad break now and then is part of the game, when your management is making them, it is time to change the management.
Frank Smith, libertyblacksmith@yahoo.com, Reno, Nevada

Hopefully, this is it for Favre
Harry Sydney,
After reading your latest article, I again agree with you. Watching the game Sunday, Brett Favre was in Philadelphia, but his head wasn't. The way he was throwing showed me that he didn't want to be there and wanted to do whatever it took to get back on the plane home. I believed that Sherman should have put in Aaron Rodgers in the second half because he wouldn't have done any worse (probably better), because we would've relied on the running game more and would have only thrown the ball where there was a Packer present, not an Eagle. But as usual, Sherman is afraid of Brett and won't do what's right for the team.

I personally believe that Favre is the greatest ever because I'm a Cheesehead, but we also have to realize that Coach Holmgren is in Seattle and not Green Bay and nobody is going to get on Favre's case and tell him to pull is head out of his rear end. As much as it pains me to say, I hope that this is Brett's last year for three reasons. 1) Brett is not full committed to doing what it take to win, even if that means throwing short passes all game long; 2) With Brett around, we will have to endure another year of Sherman, and 3) with the talent we have, next year will just be more of the same.
Jason Anderson, Fargo, ND

Where's Thompson?
My question related to the Packer debacle this season is where is our new General Manager, Ted Thompson? I thought he was the savior this season. Someone to work the waiver wire to improve the depth and quality of our talent pool. To bring us back to the glory days of Ron Wolf who daily managed the team's personnel, improving the team on an hour by hour basis. When Brooks went down he signed Rison, when we have lost players this year Ted Thompson has done nothing. Nothing!

Logic would state to get rid of Mr. "Where Is He?" Thompson and get a GM that actively manages the club, the coaching staff and player personnel. Get someone who is willing to work and do their job. It starts at the top and Mr. Thompson has taken no responsibility for the disaster he has created this season.

Let get a GM that will begin the work to rebuild the level of players and coaches that Brett deserves to be working with in his final years.
Les Johnson, ljohnson@yahoo.com, Charlotte, NC

Time for Favre to retire
Happy Holidays Todd,
As a lifelong Packer fan I have come to the fact that the glory time is over for now. With the salary cap and so on this doesn't last as long as before. As much as Brett has done for the Pack, isn't it time to give in and call it a career. He still is in the top ten, but aging and not to get any better. Don't you think it's time to change the guard all around and be at the top in another three years or sooner? They easily could be 7-4, but the win column is what counts. Thanks.
Roger Heflin, huckheflin@aol.com

Downturn has been steady, painful
It's about time someone writes about Favre's carelessness on the field and his bad decision-making. I am a huge fan and also believe in Favre but it hasn't gotten increasingly frustrating watching the future Hall of Famer make poor throwing decisions. I also think that Ted Thompson's remark of not having anyone to throw to is way off base. Donald Lee has a great set of hands and rarely drops a pass. What it boils down to is that Favre doesn't trust these guys enough to throw to them consistently instead choosing to throw into double coverage most of the time. Driver drops as many passes as anyone but yet Favre keeps throwing to him.

We can always play the "what if" game but the demise of this team started when they lost the Super Bowl to Denver. The record has gotten worse almost every year and the draft choices simply have not panned out as well as off season acquisitions. It's been a slow and painful downturn. It will more than likely take that many years to get them back to being playoff contenders again.
Jeff Erdman, jer-erd@charter.net

Fan or foe of Packers?
What can be said of our Packers? It seems that everyone has placed their blames and opinions out there about our team. They should also remember the Packers are America's team also loved throughout the world. Unable to make the playoffs has numbed us a bit, but remember previous coaches - Infante and Rhodes for instance. Everyone wanted their heads on a platter. Teams do great for a while and then a turn to the bad happens. We are Packer fans and not fair weather fans and friends.
Grant Davis Warwick, RI

Dear Todd,
I'm shocked that My Team is 2 Wins, 9 Losses As A Packer Fan I always look for the positive things, even though some think I'm a total idiot and want to rub it in!

One thing is for sure however, I would not be shocked if the following may, and I say may, happen! Mike Sherman FIRED! This coach was not ready to prepare My Team when all those injuries started. Strength And Conditioning Coaches FIRED! My Team should not have all these injuries to begin with! Offensive Line Coaches, and Last but Not Least, Thompson should go for this man did not do anything in My View to help My Team! Did anyone hear of Ron Wolf? A go-getter. Remember Reggie! And also Remember He Got Brett? Hall of Famer Brett? That no team wanted to take a shot on? And A coach Mike Holmgren?

That is the kind of Gerneral Manager My Team needs! A Go Getter! Trust me it's VERY HARD FOR ME TO TALK ABOUT MY TEAM THIS WAY!

Facts are facts, as I been told by many who e-mailed me calling me an idiot. I am and always will be a Packer Fan so put that in print!

And now for the Good News for next year Brett will NOT go out as a loser! Put it in print all you N.F.L. Experts! Yes he had a bad week 45% pass in the game completions! But so did a lot of Quarterbacks in there lifetime had 1 bad game! Yes Brett has a lot of INT's this year with not many to throw to is there? All hurt on the receiving end so the Practice Squad had to take over!

Samkon Gado, who should stay in Green Bay, is gaining a respectable 111 yards and looks good at times, and seems to run like a bull! KGB! quitely did his job! As well as Grady Jackson and Aaron Kampman, Colin Cole, and the rest of the Defensive Line. Diggs did OK. Thomas did OK, but the cornerbacks need improvement! I STIIL HAVE HOPE THE PACKERS WILL WIN THE REST OF THE WAY! That's my view so call me an idiot! 13 years of winning seasons! Something for ALL PACKER FANS! And N.F.L experts who get paid the BIG BUCKS should respect and be proud of!! Brett, my friend, you had a lot to deal with the last few years and I'm on your side! Many would have faded away but you didn't! You kept playing HARD! Allot of people should look up to that! As well they should! Yes Brett you can still do it! Don't let anyone tell you different.
Tom Fast (tfast55@yahoo.com), Hendersonville N.C.

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