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Pundit panel mixed on outcome of Sunday's game

Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 6-5
Bears 20, Packers 3
Comment: Looking at how the Packers' offense and the Bears' defense are playing, the teams could play non-stop for a day without the Packers scoring a touchdown.

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 6-5
Bears 17, Packers 10
Comment: Whether it is fumbling, interceptions, lack of a running game, or injuries, it has just not been the Packers' year on offense. It does not figure to get any better against the Bears No. 1 defense. The Packers will need a defensive touchdown or special teams touchdown to pull off an upset, but it probably will not happen.

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 6-5
Bears 16, Packers 10
Comment: Beating the Bears is something that Packer fans have probably taken for granted during the Brett Favre era. But the winds of change are howling in the NFC North. Chicago's 8-3 record has been built on the foundation of a very solid defense (though I think comparison's to the '85 Bears are ludicrous - call me after they've dominated everybody in the playoffs and the Super Bowl) and a punishing running game. Alex Brown has been a pass rushing monster and the play of the entire front four has made life so much easier for Brian Urlacher and the Chicago linebacking corps. Quarterback Kyle Orton shows amazing poise for a rookie. Fans in the Windy City have been waiting for their big moment to crush Brett Favre and the Packers at Soldier Field. The Packers are seriously wounded prey and the Bears are very hungry. It all adds up to a long day for Green Bay.

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 5-6
Bears 21, Packers 7
Comment: I just hope the Bears don't hurt anyone. They have a lot of frustration built up because of all the losses over the years.

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 4-7
Bears 16, Packers 10
Comment: This week, it seems, everybody is trying to give the Packers a real chance at winning. They have that chance. They've had a chance 11 times this season, but only twice have the Packers come through. So why will the Packers win at 8-3 Chicago? Because Brett Favre is 11-1 at Soldier Field? He might give the Packers a chance, but in the end, as we've seen all season, the Packers will do something to lose.

Jeff Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 4-7
Packers 14, Bears 10
Comment: Da Bears … Wow, a defense yes, an offense, no. They have had respectable defenses the past couple of years and the Packers have had their number. I truly believe this team has a lot of pride and double digit losses may be unavoidable, but I don't think they will let the Bears be the ones to take them there. Outside of 1992-93, I don't think Favre has ever had three pitiful performances in a row. Somehow, someway the Pack gets their 3rd W.

Todd Korth, Managing Editor
Season prediction record: 3-8
Bears 16, Packers 10
Comment: The Packers have won 11 straight games against the Bears south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border, but that streak will be broken Sunday. This will be a defensive battle with the edge going to Chicago.

Jay Royle, Publisher
Season prediction record: 3-8
Bears 16, Packers 6
Comment: Last week was the last straw for me; this Packers team can only find ways to lose this year.

John Lombardi, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 3-8
Packers 13, Bears 10
Comment: The Bears create turnovers that result in points. Close to half of all their points are the result of turnovers. Their offense does just enough to win. If the Packers can eliminate the turnovers, they have a chance. If not, it will be a long, dark day.

W. Keith Roerdink, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 3-8
Bears 20, Packers 16
Comment: Expect a familiar scenario: Green Bay fights hard and makes just enough plays to give you hope, but in the end a turnover/missed tackle/penalty is their undoing. And against the Bears defense, there will be zero room for error.

Bob Fox, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-9
Packers 20, Bears 10
Comment: The Packers haven't lost in Chicago since 1993. Brett Favre is 21-5 lifetime against Da Bears. The Packers have made changes at the guard position recently for a couple of reasons. One, they want to get more consistency out of their running game. Two, against a team like the Bears, the offensive line must be in sync to handle a front four that is as dangerous as Chicago's. Favre must take what the Bears give him and not force passes. The Packers defense needs to force rookie QB Kyle Orton into costly mistakes.

Laura Veras Marran, Correspondent
Season prediction record: 2-9
Packers 13, Bears 6
Comment: Favre will throw a late TD to prevent Lovie Smith from reaching his stated goal of beating Green Bay. Could happen. In any event, I'll just keep picking the good guys in hopes that I'll get the first pick in next year's Pundit Draft.

Mark A. Wallenfang, Photographer
Season prediction record: 2-9
Packers 24, Bears 10
Comment: The Bears can't score points. If the Packers offense can play mistake free, the Packers will win this one. Favre has the Bears' number when it comes to winning in Chicago. And don't forget, our defense is playing well, too.

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