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Fans offer their opinions in wake of Packers 19-7 loss to Bears

Let Favre throw 58 times?!!
Hi Todd,
I didn't see the game, because I live in CA. I did however hear it on radio throughout the day. My first question is: What the hell is Sherman thinking by letting Brett throw the ball 58 times? Brett has no consistent protection, and the Bears are playing lights out defense. Hey, great game plan Mike. Let's just play right into their hands. NEWS FLASH Sherman: Brett's throwing the ball to rookies and bench warmers, and he has no protection. I think if logic were to be involved, common sense would say give the ball to Gado 58 times, and let him take a beating! Try some reverses and misdirection plays, and get those big fat linemen sucking wind.

Well it's the same old story the last 6 years or so, and the 2 things that really have not changed are the coach - Mike Sherman - and The only 3-time MVP, 3 years in a row, quarterback Brett Favre. At some point you have to say enough already.

One other point: The Packers should double Jim Bates salary, and go get the Mooch before he leaves Detroit. They can save on airfare, and if he says no, give the keys to Jim Bates.
Chris R.,, Hemet CA

Changes are in order for Packers,
Having been a Packer supporter for my entire life (71 Years) through the lean & fat years, I find myself perplexed and confused about the play of the Packers. Sure there have been some devastating injuries to key players, but we still had a core of players that with the proper coaching and game adjustments could have been 9-3 instead of 2-10.

The team has played respectable for 30 minutes, then gives it away in the last 30 minutes. The play-calling has left a lot of us wondering about the game plan. Favre has been a terrific player and his character as a person is undeniable. 21 interceptions later; several very poor passes; poor judgment; and a lack of intelligent decisions leaves a lot of questions about his current skills. Isn't there anyone in the organization who will discuss the matter with Brett? He's made far too many "bonehead" decisions this year to make excuses for him about not have the tools to work with. Driver, Martin, Franks, Chatman, Henderson are all veterans in the system. Maybe not all front-line players but certainly with the right game plan could have made a winner in several games.

The Packers defense has made great strides; special teams are horrible; and the offense has played good enough to win but not able to close. A real assessment has to be made about the waning skills of Favre. When was the last time he threw a long pass beyond the receiver. Always short and poor placement for interceptions. His accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. A great career but I believe the time has come for several changes in the organization. I believe with a few additions and some key changes the Packers can be a winner again! I am and will always be a Packer supporter.
Joe Klimoski,, Chandler, AZ

Favre is playing only for records
To whom it may concern:
Today ended as usual - Brett got another start for his precious record and the team, as usual, paid the price. Is there something in the water in Green Bay that makes the Packer fans there only care about Brett's precious record? This guy would've been a better quarterback and have gotten more post-season victories if he would have put the team ahead of his personal records. His personal records are akin to the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos appearances in the Super Bowls – a lot of flash and nothing to show for it. Why does he escape criticism and responsibility for his actions? We as Packer fans got Ron Wolf and Reggie White to thank for that Super Bowl victory in 1997. All Brett had to do was play within the system.
Christopher Hebert,, Essexville, Mi.

Trade Rodgers to the Jets for a high pick
Hi Todd,
Greetings from the North Country … northeast New York State , Plattsburgh, NY. I am an elementary school principal and a Packer fan for the past 43 years. My wife and I make a trip each year, for the past 5 years, to see a game in Green Bay. We saw the New Orleans win. I'm hoping the team will appoint me as official good luck charm!

Actually, my students are giving me a hard time about my team, so I'm trying to help. If things don't change much for the rest of this year, and IF the team could get a commitment from No. 4 to stay … what about trading Aaron Rodgers to the NY Jets for their 1st round pick? This seems like a good deal for both sides and could give the Pack two high draft choices. We really don't seem that far off. A few new faces and some healthy old ones could land us back in the hunt.

I've never contacted anyone related to pro sports stuff before, but I have to do something to, hopefully, help. Brad Ott,, Plattsburgh, NY

All I want for Christmas is …
Dear Santa,
Here's my wish list for 2006 ... I'm asking for these things for all Packer fans, not just myself:

1. A strong defense to stop the opponent in their tracks.
2. An unpredictable offense that gets the job done.
3. A front line to protect our Quarterback.
4. A heavy dose of self discipline to stop these penalties!
5. An RX for the "dropsy's" on passes.
6. A remedy to curtail so many injuries.
7. A few new coaches if you deem it necessary.
8. A couple of talented players to join our team.
9. A running game.
10. A passing game.

A HUGE amount of patience and understanding for all Packer fans while we struggle through these trying times. PLEASE, Santa ..... do what you can. I believe in you and the spirit of Christmas! No bags of coal please!
Ingrid,, Jefferson, WI,
I have been reading some of the comments Packers fans have posted and I am a little surprised, that some of you want Favre to retire. What the team needs is a NEW HEAD COACH, someone within the Belichick coaching circle, someone who can get the best out of the players they have. Look at New England, they have also been depleted by injuries - Dillon is not 100% - and they can still go out and win games, they are leading their division.

If Sherman goes, then I am assuming Favre will call it a career, if that's what happens so be it, but If we get a quality head coach with the likes of Belichick and we can ride Favre for one more year, plus having a top No. 1 pick (we are still in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes, and he is a game breaker), and in addition sign a quality free agents (yes, Thompson you need to sign some free agents in order to be successful - remember Rivera and Wahle). I believe the Packers are going to be somewhere under $10 million in salary cap money. I am not saying break the bank, but do get quality players.

Hopefully this year serves as an example to management that no one in Green Bay likes to lose, especially to the Bears. Good Luck Packers organization in making the best of the upcoming 2006 campaign. We will be watching extremely close.
Luis Mora,, Coral Spring, FL

This is no time to give up on the Packers!
Sunday's game was difficult to watch. I really thought the Packers would come out for four quarters and take care of business. Instead there were dropped passes, underthrown passes, poor tackling and poor play calling! I could not believe what I was watching. A sure 4th down but instead, a poor decision on Favre's part to throw the ball instead of running through a very clear lane.

Favre, bring your magic back! You know you've got what it takes, spark the team, bring them back and I know this team can still win! I'm not going to yell about firing someone or several individuals, but let's get some conditioning done so we don't have 2, 3 or 4 people go down with injuries! Let's go Pack and backers! Don't give up on this team, they need our support as much as we need them to win! GO PACKERS!
Mary,, Lima, OH

Plenty of bright spots for next season
Dear Todd,
My Team has been hurt with Penalties, Interceptions, Fumbles, and most of all injuries, but yet some way some how no matter how stupid it sounds with the Practice players, they some how manage to be in ball game they could in fact have WON, and I'm just saying could, Not would of won, but I always look for bright spots now for next season. Players like Samkon Gado who seems to get better and better! Brett Favre who is nothing but tough ad trying is heart out to win football games. Yes, OK he has 21 Interceptions this year, but have they given time for Brett to throw the ball? In my view NO! This Man has played for 14 years as a Packer, and as I said before - a proven Hall of Famer both on and off the field in my book! Anyone else can say what they want to! The Defensive Line KGB, Grady Jackson, Aaron Kampman, Colin Cole, Cullen Jenkins, Na'il Diggs! All Are Good Players for My Team! It's to bad that Fumbles, Turnovers, Penalties Injuries Played a huge Dismay in My Team being 2 wins 10 Losses!

And who's responsibly for all of this? I'm saying NOT having my Team ready to play the next games? The Coaches are in my view! Offensive Line to give Samkon Gado to run, Blocking is Very Poor this year! Brett has been sacked more than last year has more Interceptions which means he has to hurry to throw the ball! Everyone makes mistakes were only human! But it is the responsibly of the Coaches to get my Team prepared for the game! Conditioning Coaches as well so as to not have so many injuries! When you're down to your Practice Players it tells the whole story! And nothing more! The front office MUST do their jobs as well, not only in the Draft for next year, but getting better Coaches as well! I've been a Packer Fan for 51 years of my life!

I've seen the good times and the bad times. This year is no different. Packer Fans all over this great land will NEVER accept losing seasons what so ever! Put that in Print, but they always pull for there team or should, as I do I know I'll get some letters saying "What a fool I am" So be it! They're My Team! And I feel a part of them! When I watch on TV, Computer, and Hear the comments from the players, and so on! Win GUYS! I'm pulling for all of you!

In Closing! Brett WILL NEVER GO OUT A LOSER! Put that in Print! And if I was in his shoes I'd say another 2 years to prove it!

Tom Fast (, Hendersonville N.C.

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