Sydney Speaks! Enough is enough

All season I have been, like you, watching the Green Bay Packers and waiting for everyone involved with the football side of the organization to figure out some things. Well, guess what? It hasn't happened and could someone please tell me why? I've watched poor decisions being made time after time and I have sat back and tried to be objective. Don't get me wrong I've written what's on my mind, but now it's time to look hard and cold at the facts of this 2-10 season.

Please understand that if I offend anyone of you I'm sorry, but it's really time for the truth about the Packers. Let's look at the facts!!!!!

The coaching decisions went to a whole new level against the Bears and here's are why: What would make Mike Sherman and his crew believe that the way to beat the Bears would be to pass the ball 58 times with a makeshift offensive line in Chicago with the wind blowing? That itself is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Then there were other things like, why on 4th and 1 yard would you role Brett out to the left and try and make him throw across his body instead of rolling him out to the right where there is more of a natural run pass option? Besides that I think it was first and goal when Brett threw the interception in the end zone to Charles Tillman. Trust me it was a bad throw and I'll get to Brett in a minute, but WHY NOT RUN? Why not put the pressure on the Bears offense at that time? Up to this point the Packers' running game was doing better than people thought it would have. At that point if they run and score, it becomes 14-6 and now all the pressure is put on the Bears to score.

One more thing: Why would the Packers' offensive staff only run the ball eight times the second half in a close ballgame that wasn't decided until after Brett's second interception that happened with 3:06 remaining in the game? This is what I do know and that's that the Packers have lost too many close games and that coaching decisions have cost them key victories. That's a FACT!!!!!!!!!!

Brett Favre isn't playing worth a crap, and I don't want to hear about the talent that surrounds him because if it is that would make him play more carefully, and this same talent won at Atlanta. The throws he is trying to make are things that I would expect from some rookie from some Division III school.

The game against the Bears was lost directly because of the pass in the end zone. Why not just throw it into the ground at Tony Fisher's feet? Remember, the play called was that stupid shuffle pass. And for that throw near the end of the game to Donald Driver? He only missed him by five yards. Nathan Vasher had to catch it to protect himself.

Now ask yourself how many bad throws did Favre make in the game? In actuality Brett could have thrown five other interceptions if Urlacher, Briggs or Brown could catch. Also, I'm so tired of people saying Brett gives the Packers the best chance to win. WHY? 21 interceptions and 19 touchdowns? Who are we kidding? It's time for Aaron Rodgers because he can't do any worse. Heck, he might do better because he might do what a quarterback is supposed to do and that's read his progression and, if it's not there, THROW IT AWAY!! Trust me, it's all right.

I have written this before. This isn't anything new. I've been saying this for a long time and some of you want to go by the school of he's not responsible because he won a Super Bowl. Give me a break. In your job are you allowed to get away with sloppy work because you were the employee of the month back in January of 1997? Finally, what we are seeing is a quarterback that is a victim of bad footwork and bad technique, and he's trying to do everything with his arm and not his head. Don't get me wrong it's not like he is losing arm strength, but he's losing objectively because those interceptions should have never happened, especially the one in the END ZONE.

The defense is playing its butts off. Jim Bates has these guys playing outstanding. Earlier this year I said Aaron Kampman is just a guy that they always want to replace. Well I was WRONG. He has played better than anyone on the defense. My hat's off to him, as well as Nick Collins, who is a rookie playing like an all pro. Nick Barnett has played well off and on, but I still think he is out of position. I think he could be a better weak-side linebacker because he is not physical enough in the middle. He gets over powered. But he is excellent at running side to side and making plays. Colin Cole and Cullen Jenkins have found a home on the defensive line and have done a very good job if they keep it up. Grady Jackson won't be needed next year. Hopefully Brady Poppinga will get a chance to step on the field to really see what he can do.

Ted Thompson has to get off his backside and do something. Because it doesn't matter how much money the Packers have under the salary cap players want to play where there is a chance to win Super Bowls. In this day and age the NFL player makes a lot of money. It's now about the ring. If I'm a player I have to ask myself: Does Mike Sherman give the Packers the best chance to win a Super Bowl? Simple as that. What's the record again, I forgot, 2-10? JUST FACTS!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. If you have a question for Harry, e-mail it to managing editor Todd Korth at, and he will forward it to him.

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