Packers' 2006 opponents

Green Bay matched up against many NFC West and AFC East teams

There are a few benefits to a poor season. Besides a high draft pick, the Green Bay Packers will face a number of teams with losing records in 2006. As it stands, at least 10 of Green Bay's opponents in 2006 have lost more games than they have won this season.

According to the NFL scheduling formula, the Packers will face all teams in the AFC East and NFC West in addition to their annual home-and-home matchups against NFC North opponents.

The final two opponents on next year's schedule will be determined by where the Packers finish in their division. If the Packers remain in last place, they will face the last-place team in the NFC South (New Orleans) and the last place team in the NFC East (currently Philadelphia).

If that happens, five of the Packers' eight home games will feature teams that played at Lambeau Field this season, counting New England's preseason appearance.

The 2006 NFL schedule likely will be released in mid-April.

Here is a tentative list of Packers opponents (each team's current record is in parentheses) for 2006:

Chicago Bears (9-3)

Detroit Lions (4-8)

Minnesota Vikings (7-5)

Arizona Cardinals (4-8)

St. Louis Rams (5-7)

New England Patriots (7-5)

New York Jets (2-10)

New Orleans Saints (3-9), assuming last-place NFC South finish.

Chicago Bears (9-3)

Detroit Lions (4-8)

Minnesota Vikings (7-5)

San Francisco 49ers (2-10)

Seattle Seahawks (10-2)

Buffalo Bills (4-8)

Miami Dolphins (5-7)

Philadelphia Eagles (5-7), assuming last-place NFC East finish.

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