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Packers fans offer their opinions on Favre, Rodgers

Favre needs to commit, or else
I couldn't agree more with your just posted "silver lining" and "2006 pre-season" pieces.

Jim Bates has done an outstanding job of installing a defensive system which is effective and in which players have confidence. Better health, and an additional play-maker at all three levels (pass rusher, linebacker, and defensive back), are all the Packers need for a championship-level defense in 2006.

The offense, on the other hand, needs work, a lot of work. The line is still two players short; the backfield stable is virtually empty; and if healthy, the receiver corps can be competitive. As to quarterback, I think Brett Favre has earned an option which I'd give him. If he confidentially commits now to coming back for one final year in 2006, he remains the starting QB now and as long into 2006 as the Packers are contending; and Rodgers is the QB no later than 2007. If Brett can't or won't make that commitment, then he started his last game last Sunday and the reigns are turned over to Rodgers now. That's a win-win: Brett gets to call the shot, but the team gets the firm timetable for QB transition in needs to avoid the soap opera.
Denny Waldera, dpwaldera@earthlink.net, Alamo, CA

Go with veteran players who will get it done
Having been a Packer fan all of my life, growing up in a Bears family, I watch and wonder who is calling the plays and which players get to play each game. All season long there has been an absence of William Henderson in the backfield. With his blocking abilities, soft hands for actually catching a Favre pass, and good judgment in running the ball, I can't believe he sits on the bench. With all of the injuries to the offense, wouldn't it make sense to have experienced and proven players catching passes and blocking for the running game?

In addition, where are the short passes, end runs, sweeps and other good offensive plays that made the Packers winners? Yes, the offensive line is missing some talent, but these plays should be elementary to every lineman. Come on, Packers! Revert to what made you winners, make good calls, and use the players that can do some good.
Denny McAuley, dmcauley1@comcast.net, Woodstock, IL, (Lifelong Packer fan growing up in a Bears household)

Give "A Rod" some playing time
Hi Todd!
I totally agree with your opinion that A Rod should play few meaningful quarters in the last four games of the Pack. This should tell the management whether A Rod is truly the franchise QB who can replace Brett Favre. Otherwise, if the evaluation showed that A Rod is not the QB the Pack is looking for, there's still enough time for the Pack to get Leinhart or Vince Young or even Brady Quinn, depending on how the Pack finishes, which IMO should get them a top five pick in the first round.

If Leinhart or Young are taken before the Pack picks, they could still get Quinn early in the second round. As for A Rod, the Pack could then trade him for a third rounder. There's always a reason when something happens in life as significant as this. Maybe somebody up there is telling the Pack: "Hey, you're being given another chance to select the right QB for your team." I just hope the management will listen.
Milo Jazmines, Jazmines@aol.com, Naperville, IL

Quit picking on Favre!
YOU'RE NUTS! That's right, I said it: YOU'RE NUTS.

Brett is having a bad year, or is he? Have you ever played a game that you wanted to win, or are you one of those guys that think that if you played a good game that was OK to lose?

Let's look at the situation: Who is running the ball, and on the depth chart at the beginning of the season, where was he? Oh, wait a minute he wasn't on the depth chart. He isn't doing a bad job, but can we compare him to Green?

Whom is Brett trying to get the ball to? Walker is gone, Fergerson has short arms, Driver is great, but is covered most of the time, Thurman …what has he done?

We have a guy that is working as hard as he can to win, and YOU want to play a guy that 23 other teams did not want.

Rodgers, many GMs say during the draft you pick the best player and not pick for position, WELL Rodgers was sitting in the green room when TED picked at No. 24. So you're going to tell me that this kid should have been picked No. 24 and now because Brett is trying (without a supporting cast) that its time to play Mr. No. 24? I DONT THINK SO!!!!!

Let's report what is happening. Let's discuss Ted and some of his decisions. Let's discuss the fact that Green Bay has a great deal of CAP money to spend. Let's discuss many things, but DO NOT EVEN THINK THAT BRETT SHOULD BE BENCHED.
William (Bill) Sowden, bsowden@adamsvalves-usa.com, Houston, Texas

Rodgers, Packers would benefit
I am in complete agreement with you on using Rodgers. Sure, let Brett begin the game, but let Rodgers get in and let him play the game so he can feel what a quarterback goes through in a pro game. Let him feel the knocks and bumps and even the injuries. This way he gets the real feel of the game. Great article Todd.
Grant, gddave28@yahoo.com

Let's see what Rodgers has to offer
I must say that I am most happy to have subscribed to Packer Report. Especially in this year of ups and downs. I must agree with your article on Brett. I do not think he is in a position where he should retire. He still has a lot going for him and I think a couple of more years are still in his tank. I must agree that we have to see what Aaron has in his tank. I am sure that he has all the book knowledge he can absorb thanks to Mike Sherman, but now is the time to get some hands on experience while Brett is still here. Do we have a winner or do we have an average quarterback? Time will tell and now is the time.
Dr. Vince Winter, vwdoc504@Yahoo.Com, Minnetonka, MN (I was a Green Bay resident for 40 years)

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