Quick Take: Refs made right call

Gado's 'pass' rare, but legal

Just when it appeared that Samkon Gado purposely tried to fumble the ball out of the end zone to Vonta Leach in an attempt to avert a sure safety, the rookie running back was saved by referee Mike Carey and his crew.

Carey, after signalling a safety to the press box on the Packers in the fourth quarter, met with his crew and realized that Gado was outside of the 'pocket' and behind the line of scrimmage, which at the time was the one-half-yard line. It was an excellent reversal of a ruling and not just because it went the Packers' way. The refs were correct in ruling that Gado 'tossed' an incomplete pass. Gado's 'pass' went beyond the line of scrimmage and fell incomplete, whether Gado knew what he was doing or not.

The Lions, however, likely are ticked off over tackle Mark Tauscher's holding penalty on the play. It is highly unlikely that Tauscher committed the holding penalty at the line of scrimmage. He probably was in the end zone. If that indeed is the case, Detroit should have been awarded the two-point safety because the penalty occurred in the end zone. But it is not often that a holding penalty on a team is marched off from the spot of the foul behind the line of scrimmage. It is usually from the line of scrimmage, where most holding penalties occur, so the refs were fair in their ruling.

Mike Sherman said at his press conference today that he has never seen a play like that, and probably never will again. He's right.

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