Reaction to the Action

Fans offer their opinions in the wake of Green Bay's win over Detroit

No quit in Packers
Dear Todd,
Congratulations go to Brett on another 3,000 yard season, this year tougher than most. As everyone knows by now it's been awfully tough on him this year. Samkon Gado has my vote for Rookie of the Year! Gaining 170+ yards in the game and is now a true running back! Brett did a respectable, not a great job on the field as well! At least better than his last 2 games! The defensive unit also did a respectable job as well with their GOAL LINE stands, as I saw the game here in North Carolina, and they NEVER gave up!

Face the facts, there will be a lot of changes. I think Sherman will be gone as Head Coach, along with the Offensive Line Coaches. Ted Thompson as well, even if they did play well. There was NOT enough preparations for the loss of players done in my view even to give My Team a fighting chance this season which is partly the reason why there 3 wins, 10 losses in my view! Let's hope for the remainder of the season, My Team can go out 6-10 or 5-11. There is always a great chance for next year to be even better. I'm hoping, as always, like any other Packer Fan, but with me I feel the pain, I feel how My Team feels, as I feel I'm always a part of them! Losing games is never good, and Packer fans will not tolerate another losing season! Let's keep on going GUYS! You guys have done it for 13 years! Next year it's time for a Super Bowl!
Tom Fast,, Hendersonville, N.C.

Well done
From 'I still got it' Rifleman Favre, to I gotta go, go, go Samkon Gado. And let's not forget that Grand Finale ... "Hey, I don't have a coin for the coin toss for overtime, go find me a coin" - Priceless!
Thank you Brett, Samkon and you Mr. Ryan Longwell.

Erik Hass,, Seattle, WA

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