Favre's grandmother recovers from stroke

Favre family has faced string of personal setbacks

Brett Favre's grandmother had a stroke on Tuesday, the latest in a series of off-field difficulties to hit the three-time MVP and his family in recent years.

Favre said Wednesday that Izella French, his grandmother on his mother's side, is in a hospital in Natchez, Miss.

"The last report I had is she's kind of in and out," Favre said. "Her left side is weak. But, so far, I say it looks good. The fact that she's in there with a stroke is not good. But, I think she'll be OK."

Favre says his grandmother is having difficulty recognizing family members and holding conversations.

"I talked to my mom this morning," Favre said. "They were waiting on a neurologist to come in. My younger brother got there first yesterday. At first, she did not recognize him. Then she did. She was very fatigued and was in and out sleeping. Then, she would wake up and was able to hold a conversation for a few minutes. The doctors asked her this morning if she knew what month or day it was. She didn't. But, then, she would recognize someone."

Favre said he is hoping his grandmother won't need surgery.

"I don't know where we go from here," he said. "I think there's two options: surgery, which you hate to do at her age -- I think she's 87 -- or, some type of rehab."

Favre said he was close with his grandmother, whom they affectionately nicknamed "Mee-Maw," growing up.

"My two brothers and my sister were all real close with her," Favre said. "She has lived right there with my mom for 20 years or something."

Favre's family has withstood a string of personal difficulties in recent years.

His father, Irvin, died of a heart attack in December 2003. His wife, Deanna Favre, lost her brother, Casey Tynes, in an all-terrain vehicle accident in October 2004. In the same month, Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has since recovered.

This year, Favre's family was forced to relocate after Hurricane Katrina.

Favre's personal difficulties generally haven't seemed to affect his play. If anything, they've inspired him.

With the Packers preparing to face the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, Favre was asked to list his top Monday night memories. He recalled the Dec. 22, 2003, game he played against the Oakland Raiders, one day after his father's death.

"The Oakland game has a special place in my heart, because that's when Dad had passed away," Favre said. "The fact that we won and the way we won the game and the fact we were playing for a shot at the playoffs, so it meant a lot to us."

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