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Fans e-mail their opinions on Sherman, Favre, Rodgers and Nall

Why not play Craig Nall?
This is ridiculous. Why should we play Aaron Rodgers when we have Craig Nall? What is wrong with him? I think he is and will be better than Aaron Rodgers. Brett is Brett and he still is the best quarterback in this league. When he gets a good supporting cast he will be back at the top of his game. But when he does retire I think the ball should be handed to Craig.

Hopefully Ted will be the GM that he is supposed to be and draft people that we need to help this team get back to its winning ways. I am a die-hard Packer fan and will not give up on this team, but I do think that Sherman needs to go, but that is a different story altogether.
Paul Bransted, gitrduneh@yahoo.com

Fed up with disrespect for Favre
Enough of this "Favre should sit" stuff. He's doing his job. Okay, he has made some mistakes, but who hasn't? The man is human, not a robot.

It's not like he has the right arsenal right now ... everyone is still trying to "gel" and figure out how to make it work. New personnel, younger players, inexperience working with each other, veteran QB, and you expect perfection? That expectation is completely ridiculous!

And I disagree with that person who said that Favre needs to commit for just one more year. He is still absolutely good enough to play more than that if he so chooses. Anyone who doesn't still believe in Mr. Favre is absolutely nuts, insane and suffers from a bad case of the spoiled brat syndrome. Mr. Favre has given us season after season of winning. One ugly year and you are ready to throw him under a bus. ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!

Knock it off! Unless of course you believe that people should be fired every time they have a bad day at work, in which case everyone in the country should be fired!

This disrespect that is being blasted in Mr. Favre's direction is proof of a severe case of spoiled brat syndrome.

It ain't our year ... deal with it.

For the record, I support Mr. Favre and believe he can still kick serious *** on the field, with the right arsenal, just like he always has.

Fair weather fans really make me sick, and there is obviously a big population of those.
Brenda Cunningham, packfan4lyf@hotmail.com, Keizer, Oregon

My case for firing Mike Sherman
I gave up on him as a coach in the Philly game two years ago, not 4th and 26, but rather his decision to punt before that: on 4th and one near midfield...he got skittish because of what happened earlier in the game, when one of his guards tripped over his own teammate at the goal line and they didn't get it in. He had built his team around this mighty offense, with all of the lineman together for 3 or 4 years, and all highly paid (at the expense of paying money for talent on defense). They moved the ball up and down the field that whole game against a good Philly defense. But in crunch time, he chose to have Bidwell punt on 4th and one in that 4th quarter, near midfield. The move showed me that he apparently was clueless about the absolute strength of his team at the critical time in the game. Sure enough, Bidwell did his usual 44-yard punt or so, as he was never good at punting inside the opponent's 20. Philly began moving the ball against our horrible "prevent" defense, rather than continuing to pressure, which worked up until then, and then 4th and 26 happened. Inexcusable decision.

IF WE HAD WON, IT WAS BEAT CAROLINA AND FAVRE'S 3RD SUPER BOWL APPEARANCE! The Packers have continued their downhill slide ever since. He was horrible as a GM, and is largely responsible for the lack of overall talent as a result ... trading two picks to move up and draft a punter in the third round, who started for 1 year in college? Unbelievable!

Sherman is in the catagory of average to good as a coach. He no doubt works his tail off, but it's obviously not good enough anymore, not good enough for the GREEN BAY PACKERS to continue their greatness as the model franchise in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers deserve a great coach.
S. MARLOWE, starlow@aol.com, Tucson, AZ

Harlan should shoulder some of the blame
Dear Todd,
Mike Sherman will go. It is only a question of when. He pissed away approx 36 million the last 5 years on non-roster dead wood players. We were broke, he was a horrible GM. As for coaching, we will never win, He is a deer in headlights. There are players on this team who have no respect for him. He has pissed off all the fans, time and time again. The former assistant coaches who have worked for him could not stand him. One is a friend of mine. I have ties to a business up there where the players frequent, and I get a lot of the inside scoop.

But you know what? Sherman is not the only one to blame. Ahhhhh, here comes the no-no. We don't ever go here. Bob Harlan. I had the guts to debate him for about 8 minutes on why he let Sherman run us in the ground. It was quite a conversation, so in closing, I can't wait till they fire his butt, but don't worry, we will pay him 3.2 million per year for sitting on the bay. No other teams will be knocking down his doors to hire him.
Bill Zawadzki, Rockford, IL

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